Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gregory Family Sneak Peek {Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photography}

This past weekend Wesley & I drove to Kentucky to spend time with our friends Matthew & Morgan (pictures from that coming soon!). On our way home, we stopped by to see our other friends Brian & Amanda. We haven't seen Brian & Amanda since before we moved to East Tennessee. That's a long time! We had fun hanging out with the Gregorys and they even fed us lunch!
This is Amanda, Ethan, & little Logan.

Poor Amanda (& Brian) had a rough day yesterday. Austin (below) choked on a jaw breaker and Amanda had to do the Heimlech Maneuver on him. Then, Logan's finger got smashed in a door and he had to be taken to the Children's Hospital to have surgery on it this morning! YIKES! The joys of having little boys, I guess.

Amanda is outnumbered by a LOT-even the pets are boys!

Brian & Amanda, hopefully there will be no more excitement coming your way (except for more pictures!) for awhile!

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ajgregory said...

Can't wait to see more! This sneak peek was a great way to brighten my evening, after a really rough day!
Thank you so much, Denise! We really appreciate you and your beautiful photography!