Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Richard & JeannaLynn {Johnson City, TN Photography}

Since the Mays were in town for Brittney's Senior Session, we decided to do a few shots of Richard & JeannaLynn for their website.
I love these two images of the three of them.....we just needed Brad! He was in Mexico on a mission trip, but I'm sure that when he sees these he will decide he will want pictures too! Maybe they will all come back and visit this summer (hint, hint!)??? :)

This next image is very "Richard & JeannaLynn" I think. They are wonderful marriage helpers & I am thankful that we have them in our life! They look pretty happy, don't you think?
(This shot took FOREVER because I was standing on the other side of the road and very nice motorists kept wanting to let me cross the road.......I didn't really need to cross the road. :) )

LOVE you guys VERY much! We enjoyed our much too short visit.
Hope you enjoy your slideshow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brittney-Senior Session {Johnson City Photography}

Brittney and her parents drove all the way from Oklahoma for her senior session! Well, maybe they came to visit too......They are good friends of our family and we were so glad to get to visit with them and document this stage of Brittney's life!

We roamed around Jonesborough last week and had a fun time.
Look at this-can you be any more photogenic than this? I think not.

One of my favorites.

Brittney, I had so much fun with you! Thanks for coming from so far away!
Enjoy your slideshow.
Richard & JeannaLynn-your pictures are coming soon!