Thursday, February 21, 2008

Easter Mini-Sessions

I had someone ask me the other day if I was doing Easter mini-sessions. The answer is YES! The Easter mini-session will be similar to the Valentine's mini-session.
Our Easter Special:
~30 minute session
~sneak peek post on blog
~online proofing/viewing
~10 4x6 prints ($60 value) in a proof book
~all images available for additional prints and products on Pictage
for $65

Contact now to book your sessions.
Easter Day is March 23rd! Please allow 7-10 days for your proofs/orders to be ready.

Please note our location schedule for the next few weekends-we might be near you! (Of course I am available in the Johnson City/Kingsport area throughout the week.)
This weekend (February 23rd-Cleveland)
February 29th-Johnson City
March 7th-Murfreesboro AND Cleveland
March 14th-Johnson City
If you are in Cleveland or Murfreesboro and want to schedule a mini-session while I am there, please contact me ASAP!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Emma and Elijah's Jam Session

On a nice, warm 60 degree day in February (gotta love Tennessee weather-it snowed the next day!), I did a little "mini" session with Emma and Elijah and their instruments. I use the term "mini" session loosely because we were having so much fun it lasted about as long as a regular session, but oh well.
Emma plays the violin and Elijah got a mandolin for Christmas. They both take lessons each week, and Jodi wanted some pictures of them with their instruments.
I must tell you that Elijah was very distraught that Jodi did not let him bring his book so he could play a song for me. Elijah told me several times that he could play "Amazing Race" (that'd be Amazing Grace) if he had his book. Emma was kind enough to play the first half of Rocky Top about 39,000 times. Good thing I am a Tennessee girl and never grow tired of hearing Rocky Top!
We had a great time playing around and capturing some musical memories for this family. Jodi even brought their little neighbor friend (who was great at getting these two to smile!) and their dog along.

Jodi was really wanting some close ups of their profiles with their instruments, so we started with that.

This is my favorite one of the day.

These kids are so much fun!

There was constant music while we were shooting. When we were doing this set in the gazebo, the geese all stopped and stared at the kids.

I LOVE the color of this barn door with Emma.

Elijah's concentration cracks me up. To get this one, I asked him to play his scale for me again. He said, "But I've already played that!" He wanted to play a song so badly!

And the kiddos with Wrigley the dog. Jodi said her name is Wrigley-like the field where the Chicago Cubs play-Go Cubs!
I am not a baseball fan, but this family sure is!

Emma and Elijah, thanks for jamming with me!
I hope you enjoy your slideshow.
(Troy and Jodi picked a great song for this slideshow. Very good and bluegrassy and Elijah's middle name is Fox and he loves foxes. He talks about them everyday at school!)
Click here to view all of the images from this session.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm still here!

I feel like I have been so rushed and busy and out of sorts the past week or so, but hopefully things will calm back down soon.
We closed on our house this past weekend and moved everything out. What an experience. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to try to pack it all into a POD. Sadly, all of our things did not fit in a POD; nor did it fit in a POD and a pull behind UHaul and the back of Wesley's 4Runner. We had to throw out some stuff and give some stuff away, but after about 3 hours longer than we thought it would take, everything was packed and out of the house last Saturday. So, last weekend was a trip to Mufreesboro and Cleveland and this week has been looking at houses here and lots of other random time-filling, but fun, activities. Tonight was the first night this week that we have stayed at home. That's a good thing since it's my favorite holiday! This weekend we are staying in Johnson City and relaxing. I am super excited because Monday is Presidents Day which means NO SCHOOL! :)
I wanted to post a little sneak peek for my friends Emma and Elijah (and their parents). Jodi wanted some pictures of the kiddos with their instruments, so we did these last week. I usually have sessions finished much quicker than this, but it's been tough with everything else going on. Jodi has been so great and understanding. These should be finished by next Monday, but for now......
Aren't they adorable?!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canvas Sale

The canvas sale from January has been extended through the month of February! If you want to order a canvas from a previous session, email me and let me know which picture and what size!

Prints 16x20 or larger are on sale for the month of February.
Any prints or canvases 16x20 or larger will be 15% off for you this month. I must be able to place the order by February 29th, so get your orders in soon!

You can see a full price list for canvases and large prints on my website (just scroll down to the bottom).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Miss Maggie is 6 Months Old!

I cannot believe this baby is already six months old. We had so much fun doing her session at her Nana and Papa's house. We were able to get some more pictures in the beautiful white dress. I didn't realize when Martha made it that she would be able to wear it this long, but I am SO thankful! We have been able to get such beautiful images of Maggie in this dress that I know Maggie (and the rest of her family) will cherish for many years.

We had several outfit changes. Jana said that several outfits Maggie would only be able to wear if she had her picture made in them, so of course we took care of that!

First, we did some with the beautiful white gown that Maggie's Nana made her.
We also had to get her little New Testament that our friends Richard, JeannaLynn, Brad, and Brittney gave Maggie. She was very interested in chewing on it, but we were able to get some sweet shots too.
LOVE those chubby cheeks!This smile is quite a bit bigger than we got during her first session.

This is definitely my second favorite of the day.
It is currently the desktop picture on my laptop.
I love her little feet sticking out!

Next, we changed Maggie into her Valentine's outfit and got some pictures in her crib at Nana's. Martha keeps Maggie Tuesday-Friday and has the cutest bedding for Maggie's crib there. I thought Maggie needed some pictures in this crib for her scrapbook.

Then, we changed her into this super cute, but pretty itchy sweater for about 10 minutes. Uncle Wesley came in to get smiles for these. How do you like those two bottom teeth?!

We headed upstairs to play on the couch for a bit.
Maggie can sit up so well now and loves chewing on just about anything. I think I have more pictures of her with her hand in her mouth this session than any other before.

Finally, we went back down to the pretty antique red couch to get some "almost naked" baby pictures. Maggie loves to be in her birthday suit, but we had to keep it appropriate for sharing!

And she LOVES to play with her feet!

Can you tell how much I LOVE this sweet girl?!
Look at that face! How could you not love her?

Happy six months, Sweet Maggie. I hope you know how much I love you!
Enjoy Maggie's slideshow HERE.
See all of her images by clicking HERE.

Drum Roll, Please........

And the winner is...................
Amanda Gregory from Falls of Rough, Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You might remember Amanda's sweet boys from our spring session.
Congratulations, Amanda! And thanks for being such a great blog follower!
I had a very scientific way of choosing the winner tonight--I told Wesley to pick a number! Then, he asked what I was going to give and I told him a certain percent off of a session fee.....then I told him the winner was Amanda and he said, "Just give her a free session!"
So, Amanda, you are the winner of a free session. We can work something out on when we will be in the same town or where we can meet--just shoot me an email.
Thanks so much to all of those who commented. I truly appreciate your support of this blog. Keep watching, you never know when I may have another comment contest!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I checked my email a few minutes ago and found an email from my friend Cody with the subject, "Pictures......finally." He finally emailed me the sweet picture of Maggie and I from Camden's birthday party.
He also included a picture of the portrait his dad, Rick, painted of a picture I took of Ryder and Aprilia. Rick is an amazing artist--I was so excited when Kristy told me that he painted this portrait for them for Christmas. Until now, I had only seen a picture of it that Kristy sent in a text message. I can't wait to see it in person. Isn't it beautiful?

Cody, thanks for sending these pictures to me! :)

Today we are packing up what's left at the house and getting ready to move it all next weekend!! YEA YEA YEA!
Be sure to comment on last Monday's POST to have a chance at winning an awesome prize! I will announce the winner Tuesday.

Friday, February 1, 2008


We signed an offer on our house yesterday! WHOO HOO! We are SO thankful and excited to finally get to start house searching for real here! We are still keeping our fingers crossed and praying hard that everything will go smoothly. We should close next weekend.
Don't worry. With house moving and all, I will still make time to finish Miss Maggie's pictures. And there are so many great ones that I can't wait to share!
Happy Friday!!!