Monday, September 28, 2009

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Owen Turns 1! {Cleveland, Tennessee, Lifestyle Family Photography}

Last Saturday, we celebrated Owen's 1st birthday with the Sneed Family (and lots of friends!)
I can hardly believe this little guy is already 1 year old!

Emily is super crafty and made Owen's birthday cakes. She did an awesome job! I guess it was worth her trip to the ER 2 nights before!
Beautiful and Delicious!

These cookie favors were awesome too. Maggie and I enjoyed mine the next day. YUM!

The Birthday Boy!

His serious faces crack me up! He really didn't know what to think of all of the people.

I was super excited to see Emily's grandparents. I know she was thankful they were able to make the trip too.


He really didn't know what to think about the cake either! :)

My favorite. I think I have mentioned before how much I LOVE this boy's eyelashes!

Happy 1st Birthday, Owen! We love you and your family!
Enjoy your slideshow!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ryder is 2!

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that Ryder is already 2! It seems like just the other day that Kristy was in the hospital having him and I was 5 hours away worried sick and bugging Jonie to death with phone calls asking what was happening! On Ryder's birthday, I called Kristy and she said, "Did you sleep better last night than you did 2 years ago?!" Pretty funny because that's exactly what I had been thinking about too....and yes I did! :)

On Saturday morning, I went to hang out with Cody, Kristy, and Ryder for his 2 year session. We are going to have to do a quick session sometime when Aprilia is there because she is part of the family and she wasn't there this time. It really wasn't the same without her!
Kristy has recently started a blog and I LOVE to read it. She has such a way with words and nearly every post leaves me almost in tears. I told her this and her response was, "Sorry you are so weepy." I'm not really THAT weepy-she's just that good of a writer. I asked if I could pay her to write pretty things about my children one day. One of her recent blog posts mentioned Ryder when he prays. When the family sat down for breakfast on Saturday morning, I had to get pictures of Ryder praying. It went something like this:
Cody: Ryder do you want to pray?
Ryder: No. (of course not because we wanted him to!)
Kristy: Ryder, you can pray with Daddy.
Cody: Dear God
Ryder: silence
Kristy: He likes Heavenly Father better (yes, because don't all 2 year olds prefer to start prayers that way?!)
Cody: Heavenly Father,
Ryder: Heavenly Faver,
Cody: Thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Daddy. Thank you for Nise.
Ryder repeats so nicely.....
Cody: Forgive us for our sins.
Ryder: Fank you for our sins!
I believe this was when he was thankful for sins. :)

Kristy was such a good mom and cooked a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon for her family. Ryder took one lick and said, "Don't like it."
So he ate cereal with a fork instead.

After breakfast, Ryder said, "I need I want BAF!"
Kristy has to be the best mom ever because she dumped every bath toy he has into the tub and said, "I know he just needs a few, but this looks like SO MUCH fun!"

Eating sunfawer seeds with Daddy.

Ryder LOVES balls. We played baseball with about 5 different ones (and none of them were baseballs).

Another thing Ryder is not fond of.....his remote control car. He really only likes it if he has the controller and if he's in someone's lap.

But he and Daddy hugged it anyway. That's love!

Cody, Kristy, and Ryder-I know you know that we love you, but we really, really do! Thank you for being such wonderful friends. I love you! Enjoy your slideshow!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maggie is 2!

Yes, well, Maggie has been 2 for awhile, but we couldn't figure out a time to do her 2 year session. So, this is the "Maggie is an experienced 2 year old" session!

I had so much fun just hanging out with Mark, Jana, and Maggie and watching her play. She NEVER stopped talking or moving the entire time. I am serious.

When I showed Jana and Maggie the slideshow today, Maggie saw this one and said, "That's my dining room." :)

This one cracks me up.

I love how Maggie is now looking at Crazy Aunt Nise in our self-portraits. She put this beautiful headband on me.

A new favorite-do you think she has enough toys?

Maggie and her trusty "Assistant Bunny" or "Funny Bunny" or "Papa's Bunny."

See, another look at Crazy Aunt Nise.
Maggie, I LOVE you! I can't believe you are already 2!
Here's your slideshow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lollipop Kids Consignment Event~WOW!

Lollipop Kids Consignment Event-at the Armory in Gray
The Lollipop Kids Consignment Event is this weekend. YOU NEED to there!! I have never seen SO MUCH stuff. Seriously! Wow. HERE is a link to my Facebook album from tonight. You can see all of the goodies! Sale info is below. Forgive the quality of the pictures-I had my little camera with me-I needed to be able to work and shop! I am exhausted-I don't see how Kellie and Astin do it. They are amazing!

Friday, September 18th

8 am – 6 pm

Saturday, September 19th

8 am – 1 pm

Most Items Half Price

Sunday, September 20th

1 pm – 4 pm

Armed Forces Reserve Center

Gray, Tennessee

Located Beside Fair Ground

For more information,

please contact

Astin Rice 423.833.1998

Kellie Harrison 423.943.0601

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall {Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

Brittany & I had a great time at Laura & Zac's wedding two weeks ago. Here's their final sneak peek and slideshow link at the bottom!

I had a great getting ready image here, but it would not get big like I wanted it to-I guess you will have to watch the slideshow!

Laura & Zac were awesome. Two main reasons they were awesome: 1) They were calm, cool, and collected the entire day. Nothing fazed them. They forgot the cd for the ceremony music & Laura said, "I don't care. I'm just ready to get married!" I think I was more upset about it than she was! :) I told her we should at least hum or something! 2) They gave us a TON of time for pictures of just them! We had the entire time between ceremony and reception AND we even borrowed them during the reception. It was awesome!

Beautiful bride!

Handsome groom!

A new favorite.

Poor Zac was all worried about his smile-this is a new absolute favorite! Do they look models or WHAT?! :)

Thanks to Britt for this shot.

Zac is the best uncle-he fed those kids brownies all night! I am sure their parents appreciated that. That's what uncles are for!

The favors were amazingly, delicious brownies. I can taste 'em right now!

Laura & Zac, best wishes for a long & happy marriage! Thanks for being so awesome.
Enjoy your slideshow!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A little story about Maggie's 2 Year Session....... {Cleveland, Tennessee, Lifestyle Photography}

This is a story about a little girl named Maggie. Her Aunt Nise loved her so much and she bought her this super cute pettiskirt when Maggie was a baby-only a few months old.
Nise waited and waited for Maggie to be big enough to fit in it.

Until, finally, she couldn't wait anymore. Nise and Maggie's mommy safety pinned the skirt to Maggie's pink bloomers because it still was a little too big.
Nise, Maggie, and Maggie's daddy ...oh and Funny Bunny too...went outside to play while Maggie's mommy got a special surprise ready.

Nise had a fabulous plan to have a picture of Maggie walking in the grass with her beautiful pink pettiskirt holding 2 perfect pink balloons. The only trouble was, Maggie didn't want to have the balloons tied to her wrist. Nor did she want the two perfect pink balloons clipped to her shirt. No, she wanted to HOLD the balloons.In case you didn't know, 2 year olds are independent and sometimes headstrong.

Even though Nise and Maggie's mommy tried to explain that Maggie couldn't hold the balloons, Maggie continued. Nise and Maggie's mommy tried to explain that the balloons would fly away and be gone forever.

Maggie's mommy held the balloons and tried to get Maggie to go over to the grass. But, Maggie is headstrong...and independent....and Maggie's mommy gave up. Because a crying and fussing Maggie is no fun.....

And before Nise knew what was going on, Maggie was holding the balloons......for about 2 seconds-1 for each balloon.
You should have seen the tears that came next (from Maggie, not Nise).

The rest of the story is, Maggie's daddy got 2 more balloons for Maggie but, of course, Maggie wanted NOTHING to do with THOSE balloons.
....sigh.....maybe next year.....three balloons.....

Oh, I LOVE that girl! Even if she is headstrong and independent and wants to HOLD balloons!
Mark & Jana-more pictures coming soon. LOVE you all!