Monday, May 28, 2007

2nd Anniversary

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Time has really flown by--it seems like we have been together forever, but our wedding day seems like just yesterday. I loved every minute of our wedding day (even though I cried all the way to the airport for our honeymoon)-even our fancy supper of Burger King in the airport in Chicago! I love, love, love our wedding pictures. I remember about 6-7 months after we were married, I took them to our friends' house to look at, and Wesley asked, "When will she stop carrying these around?!"
So, our anniversary blog seemed like the most appropriate time to share some of our wedding pictures!
Our wedding photographer was Brian Cook from Lewisburg. He did my best friends, Jaime's, wedding and Tracy's wedding last year.
My handsome groom on our wedding day!
This was when he first saw me & we first saw each other.

This is my all time favorite picture of my daddy and me! This was right before I got to see Wesley for the first time. (my wonderful Aunt Carol took this picture)

The boys-Dave, Michael, Wesley, Brad & Andrew in the back, Mark, Wes, Cody, and Wyatt the ring bearer
The girls-Tracy, Jaime, Sarah, me, Kristy, Celia, Christy, & Lindsey--Baleigh & Karley our flower girls.

My Murfreesboro bridesmaids-Lindsey, Christy, Kristy, & Jaime

Us with Wesley's family-Mark, Jana, Mamaw, Dean, Martha, and Brad

This is us with my Coley side of the family-Bob, Carol, Michael (my brother), Mom, Sarah, Celia, Daddy, Ma Coley, Bonnie & Rick.

We left on a John Deere tractor! Our family friend Ricky Haskins made me a special seat on his tractor just for this--This is my family & Wesley's parents & us with the tractor.
(My Aunts Carol & Bonnie took these pictures)

Yes, it was an interesting ride!

It has been an amazing 2 years of marriage and I can't wait for the next 102 years! We have been through a lot and are so blessed with wonderful families and a wonderful Christian family. He is so caring and loving and I appreciate him so much. Even if he is moving me off to Johnson City, I still love him! Happy anniversary, Wesley, I love you!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Miss Halle and a Bunny Chase

Welcome to the story of Halle and a bunny.
Meet the bunny--he looks kind of cute, but he is very fast and a little scary when you are squatted down to take a picture of him and you don't know how close he really is....

This is Halle seeing the bunny.

This is Halle saying, "C'm'ere bunny!!!" (like come here bunny, but said fast and by a 3 year old)

This is Halle chasing the bunny--the bunny was fast, Halle was fast.

Oops! A fall, but up she jumped and continued running.

Yes, we ran an entire circle around the place while chasing after this bunny!
Halle and her daddy watch the bunny in the tracter shed.
We changed her into the pink twirly skirt, but that was not the last of the bunny chase!

Finally, Halle came close enough to the bunny to decide we shouldn't chase it anymore. (Thankfully!)So, off we went to explore and play.

I LOVE Daddy/Daughter Moments.

Halle played this great game of run to Dad and tackle him, run back to Mrs. Nenise (that'd be me) but don't tackle her and back to Dad. It was quite fun.
This is why the pink twirly skirt is called the pink twirly skirt.
I am in LOVE with the pink twirly skirt!

How do you love the pink twirly skirt AND pink rain boot combination?! I think it's adorable and hilarious.
Halle and her sweet Mom.

Yes, that was way too many pictures for one post, but what a great story. I really enjoyed the evening spent with John, Julie, and Halle! Hope you enjoyed your pictures!

PS--A random note for readers-we will be moving to Johnson City the 1st week of July, so book sessions now!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Miss Halle

Tonight I had the pleasure of photographing Halle & her mommy & daddy. They were sent to me by the lovely Tabetha & I loved getting to run & play with them! There will be more to come, but I thought John & Julie would enjoy these for now. Stay tuned for more pictures AND a crazy story about a rabbit!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lexi and London

Well, you have heard so much about Tabetha (the fabulous pendant, ornament, keychain and more creator!)--now it's time to meet her sweet children. Tabetha and her kiddos drove all the way to Murfreesboro today to explore and take some pictures. It was HOT. Incredibly HOT. It was really, really HOT.
The kids were so great, especially considering how HOT it was.
Lexi was a real trooper-it's tough being a big sister!
Here are a few shots from the day-I am exhausted and ready to go to bed (isn't it sad--it's only 9:14), so I will post more as I edit.
Tabetha, thanks for coming and bringing your sweet children. It was great getting to meet you! I hope you enjoy.....

Friday, May 4, 2007

A Great Little Helper

Wesley has been working diligently to fix up our house (mainly update not so much fix up, but anyhow...) to get ready to sell. We have concreted the driveway and laid tile in both bathrooms & the kitchen. The bathrooms were bad enough--having a toilet in your shower isn't so hot; this week was the kitchen. Our refridgerator was in the living room. Interesting. The tile laying process took much longer yesterday than expected, but finally today it was ready for appliances to return to their homes instead of the garage and living room. Our friends Matthew, Morgan, & Maddox came over to help. While Wesley & Matthew were getting the washer/dryer ready to return, Maddox was such a great helper. He helped me move things back to the kitchen & is GREAT with a wipe! He wiped everything I own. Then, I opened the fridge & saw that it needed cleaning--Maddox went right to work. He scrubbed & scrubbed the bottom, then he got tired so he just sat down. :) How hilarious is this?