Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Fields....again..... {Johnson City, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

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Last Thursday, I had the wonderful privilege to document Jennifer and Jason's wedding day. It's a privilege when anyone asks me to be their wedding photographer, but it's an even bigger deal when it's a friend and they are having a private wedding.....and I get to go! :)

Jennifer & Jason were married at the Mountain Lodge in Flat Rock, North Carolina. The staff there did a fantastic job of keeping everything going and helping whenever they were needed!

Jennifer got ready in the honeymoon suite.

Jennifer invited two friends-one of them was Ashley who did her make-up (and got lots of things ready all day!).
I love to see Jennifer laugh! Her whole face lights up!

The storm clouds were rolling in quickly and they had to decide whether to move the wedding inside. Jason's mom ran upstairs to ask Jennifer-she decided to get married right then!
Thankfully, the rain held off until right before I left the reception. :)

Jason seeing his bride for the first time.

Instead of a unity candle, Jennifer and Jason had a cord of three strands. The colors represented Jennifer (white), Jason (purple), and God (gold) and how they want to keep God in the center of their marriage.

These two crack me up. :)

Hugs all around!

Jennifer and Jason are BIG baseball fans! Their families had these baseball bats full of sunflower seeds at the reception as a surprise. Too cute!

Mr. & Mrs. Fields-CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for letting me witness the beginning of your marriage. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
Much Love~Denise
Enjoy your slideshow and full gallery (the password is Jennifer's maiden name).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sneak Peek #2! {Johnson City, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

I like getting emails like this:
"You are SO good! Have I told you just how much I appreciate you?! You are awesome! Thank you so much for all you did were not only a photographer, but a friend...and I appreciate that! You helped make our day special!"
Just had to share-and since Jennifer sent such a sweet email, she gets an extra sneak peek!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Fields {Johnson City, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

Last night, I had the wonderful privilege of documenting Jennifer & Jason's private wedding.
More to come soon. I had to share two favorites of the happy couple!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

John & Lisa's Wedding {Franklin, Tennessee Wedding Photography}

John & Lisa had such a beautiful wedding! Brittany & I were happy to be a part of their special day. Lisa & several of her girls had their hair & make-up done on site, so we had some extra time with the guys. I don't usually get to photograph the guys getting ready, so it was a fun change for me!

John is our friend, Christy,'s brother. I had bag of things from Jamaica to get to Christy (since she only went one week). In it, we had several bottles of Ting-a Jamaican softdrink. John was pretty excited to see some Ting. :) I had to get this shot to send to Dean, Wesley's dad, since he sent all of the Ting.
These guys were one of the funniest group of guys we have worked with. They were like herding cats, but still funny. Collin was deemed "The Responsible One" right away. See, he even had to dress the other guys! ;)

John picking out his special snack from Panera. You'll have to see the slideshow below to see what the guys tried to do to it!

This is one of my favorite getting ready shots of Lisa-with her mom helping & the girls looking on.

John & Lisa decided to see each other before the wedding (you can see more pictures of their First Look in the early sneak peek). This is one of the best parts about seeing each other before the wedding-the moments of quiet, alone together, time that you have. This is the only time you have alone all day! Such a sweet moment.

John's groomsmen entered the reception to the A-Team theme song, complete with sunglasses. You'll see sunglasses quite a bit in this post.

I LOVED how the girls' dresses were the same color but different styles. They were all beautiful!

While we were waiting on the guys to return (told you they were like herding cats!), we had time to run across the street & let the girls catch up on their reading!

This one cracks me up! It took a couple of tries, but it was worth it!

I love this one of Lisa & her parents just before they went down the aisle.

Mr. Mikey was having a fun time during the wedding! :) You'll have to watch the slideshow and see him as photographer!

One last funny shot from the reception-I heard a BUNCH of laughter & commotion & ran over to see this. John's friends were dying to know what was in the football on his Washington Redskins groom's cake. So, John cut it open to find out.
(I have tried numerous times to make this one picture the same size as the rest, but it is not cooperating! Sorry!)
*I didn't include a picture in this post, but you have to watch for the bouquet/garter give away. It was so sweet! They had all of the married couples stand up. Then, they sat down by who had been married one year, ten years, etc. The ones who were married the longest got the bouquet/garter. It was the sweetest thing. Lisa & John talked about how in our culture, it's all about the wedding day & never about the marriage. So true & it's so great to see couples who realize that God intended marriage to be for life.

John & Lisa, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!
Enjoy your slideshow!
The full gallery is HERE. (Password is Lisa's maiden name)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John & Lisa's Wedding {Franklin, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

John & Lisa had a BEAUTIFUL wedding Saturday in Franklin. Here's a little sneak peek! More coming soon.

Lisa emailed me several weeks ago asking if she should have her hair and makeup professionally done. I suggested some makeup people to her and was so excited when I walked in Saturday morning and saw my friend Bess! She and I taught together in Murfreesboro and she is amazings! If you want her info, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.

Lisa's dress was so beautiful.

Lisa's mom and bridesmaids helped her get dressed.
Lisa and John had originally decided not to see each other before the wedding and then changed their mind. I was so glad they did! It always provides so much more time for us to spend on portraits of the couple and calms everyone's nerves.
When you decide to see each other before the wedding, it's private, sweet, and you get awesome pictures. :) Then, you have a few moments to yourself before the rush of the day begins. We have a super sweet shot of Lisa and John sitting together talking that I will share in the next post.
Brittany got this one of Lisa and John embracing. I love it!
More to come soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jamaica Fun

Things have been SOOO super busy that I have not been able to post more pictures from our mission trip to Jamaica. I wish I had time to show you every picture and tell you the story that goes with it, but I don't (and I have a feeling you wouldn't sit here that long!). What's the next best thing to a blog post?? Facebook albums with captions, of course!

Enjoy! Click on the picture to take you to the Facebook album. :)

A few highlights
Week 1

1st Week & Weekend Stuff

Week 2
Meeting Each Night 2nd Week

Duncans Go to the Beach!

Two days after we returned from Jamaica, Wesley & I packed up & headed to the beach! :) We went to Emerald Isle, NC, so our friends-The Duncans-could have beach pictures & so we could have a few days of relaxation.
We went out on Tuesday to try to get some pictures & things didn't go so well. The sun was too bright & kids weren't interested. So, we gave up (after Wesley's feet & legs were ROASTED) & went back the next morning at about 6:30 (Wesley stayed in bed!).

The first three are from Round 1, the rest are from Round 2. :)

Hilarious. This one took awhile!

Jason & Mindy are such good friends to us! We are so thankful for them!
Enjoy the slideshow!