Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gregory Family {Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photography}

Wesley & I were glad to get to spend some time visiting Brian & Amanda & the boys last Monday!

Nothing like a little Hungry, Hungry Hippos

And some super fun Play-Do time!
Amanda got a beautiful Play-Do necklace....

...and I got this amazing Play-Do bracelet!

Brian has worked hard to teach his boys to do tricks. :)

Ethan is intent on Guitar Hero and Austin is seeing What's in Ned's Head?

Family Bible Time is every night.....this was in the middle of the day, but we had to document it!

One of the ladies at the Karns congregation gave Austin this Bible when he was born. They have literally read the cover off!

Gregorys, we were so glad to get to spend some time with you! Enjoy your slideshow!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gregory Family Sneak Peek {Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photography}

This past weekend Wesley & I drove to Kentucky to spend time with our friends Matthew & Morgan (pictures from that coming soon!). On our way home, we stopped by to see our other friends Brian & Amanda. We haven't seen Brian & Amanda since before we moved to East Tennessee. That's a long time! We had fun hanging out with the Gregorys and they even fed us lunch!
This is Amanda, Ethan, & little Logan.

Poor Amanda (& Brian) had a rough day yesterday. Austin (below) choked on a jaw breaker and Amanda had to do the Heimlech Maneuver on him. Then, Logan's finger got smashed in a door and he had to be taken to the Children's Hospital to have surgery on it this morning! YIKES! The joys of having little boys, I guess.

Amanda is outnumbered by a LOT-even the pets are boys!

Brian & Amanda, hopefully there will be no more excitement coming your way (except for more pictures!) for awhile!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Jack & Family {Cleveland, Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photography}

I had a wonderful time hanging out with Matt, Katy, & Baby Jack on New Years Eve morning. I LOVE doing these lifestyle family sessions and hope you enjoy the results!

Feeding time makes for a nice, still, sweet baby!

A new favorite!

Sweet little baby boy hands!

Matt & Katy, we love you & are so glad to see you so happy! Enjoy your slideshow!

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

Rob and Megan were married on a very snow Friday in December. I know the snow made a lot of things difficult, but it was so beautiful and I am sure it will make great stories to tell their children one day! I have decided that the getting ready pictures are always my favorite. :) I think you can tell by how many I am posting.....

I absolutely love this one of Megan and Mrs. Sonya.

I told this Junior Bridesmaid at the reception how cool it is that she got to enjoy this special day by being a part of the wedding party. How cool would that be at this age? :)

I always enjoy seeing what the guys are up do while the girls are getting all dolled up.

I laughed after I took this shot!

The bouquets were beautiful. I loved the special attention to detail that was put into each one.

The wedding was delayed a bit to allow guests to arrive since the roads were so bad. Megan was so calm; she said, "I am leaving here today married!" And she did!

Check the sneak peek and slideshow (link below) for more pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Anderson.

These guys were great at the reception. They had to really work to make up for their missing band member who couldn't get out of his driveway, but they were so fun!

Mr. Jamie gave the sweetest speech and said the sweetest things to Megan. I was almost crying by the time he was finished.

Too cold and icy to do the rose petal departure outside, so we did it inside the Carnegie Hotel and then cleaned it right up!

Snowy, snowy night.

Megan and Rob, thanks for letting us document your special day! Many best wishes for a long and happy future. Enjoy your slideshow. The full gallery will be available early this week.
On a personal note, I want to think all of my sweet friend and family who kept checking on us throughout the night to make sure we were safe while traveling from the ceremony to reception and home. We are very blessed!