Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our New News......

Wesley and I are excited to share our new news......We found out yesterday that he has been accepted into pharmacy school at ETSU in Johnson City, Tennessee. I am SO proud of him because our friend Matthew encouraged him in September to become a pharmacist--and since then, he has done all he needed to do to get in. He has done so much in a few short months. We are excited, but also nervous, anxious, slightly stressed, I could go on and on--we are REALLY going to miss our family and friends in Middle Tennessee, but we know this is the best thing for our family. We will be moving sometime mid-summer. For now, we are getting our house ready to sell (if you know anyone who is house-shopping, send them our way!) and making plans for East Tennessee.
The moral of this post is:
Make your appointments now for your spring and summer sessions (including senior pictures!)--I will be available on a very limited basis after we move, but if you need pictures after June, please email or call me and we'll see what we can do. Also, please tell your family and friends in the Johnson City area about Skelton Photography! (During the whole campus tour we had last week at Wesley's interview day, I kept telling him what great pictures we could take on the Medical/Pharmacy School Campus!!)
Here are a few pictures from the afternoon/evening.

Here is the envelope I found when I got to the mailbox yesterday. We were both so nervous and Wesley wasn't home yet. I had told him I was not opening it until he got home, but luckily the outside gave me the answer (although I still didn't tell Wesley-I had to get a picture of the look on his face!).

Wesley when he first saw the envelope!Wesley is spreading the good news!

It was Wesley's Birthday into Pharmacy! ha! Really I just thought a birthday cake would be funny! And it was tasty. :)
Our friends came to celebrate with us and enjoy an hour of 24! Above is Lindsey, Dave, Christy & Mikey. Below is Matthew (who started this whole pharmacy school idea), Morgan, & Maddox (Maddox was having allergy problems, so he wasn't too interested in the camera).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kids, Kids, Kids

I did portraits of 6 (Yes, 6!!!) adorable kids yesterday. The girls are daughters of a teacher at my school and the boys are the sons of her friend (also a teacher). We spent a little over an hour in Murfreesboro yesterday playing and exploring and giggling. (I was so thankful that I brought the bubbles! I told Wesley that was the best $1 I have ever spent!) It was easily the best time I have ever had taking pictures. I was a little nervous because there were so many and about the youngest girls, but the kids were AWESOME. They just played and laughed and had fun. And get this, the youngest little girlies cried when we left! Yep, I have to put that in my advertising-"Kids have so much fun they cry when they leave me!"
We got so many great pictures that I have spent over an hour and half trying to pick out my favorites to put on here....I was going to do one of each kiddo, but you can see how that went.
Oh well....meet these fabulous kids!



The boys

Macey was doing a great job--especially considering Collin was throwing rocks at her back as I took the pictures!

The Whole Gang

Sister Love!

Mommy and the Girls
Beautiful Macey

Makenzie was such the little model.

Madison playing hide and seek!

And Little Miss McKenna

Madison was wandering around with her blanket--so I spread out her little blanket and she just plopped right down! She was pooped!
Some self-portraits with the girls!

Thanks guys, I had an awesome time with you yesterday & can't wait for you to see all of your pictures--it may take me awhile though!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ella Marie

Little Miss Ella Marie is the daughter of Abe and Kelly. I taught with Kelly last year -- she left us so she could have this little bundle of joy! I went over to their house today to take some newborn portraits. Ella stayed awake practically the whole time and did a fantastic job! Kelly really had it made because Ella was so cooperative and Abe was all about having his picture taken with this precious baby! I never heard one complaint from him! Their little doggie Annabelle even joined us for a few shots. I had a few minutes after I got home to work on some of the pictures and here is a sneak peek. More to come later.
Ella is number 3 out of 16 babies I know being born this year!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tennessee Beef Agribition

This weekend was the Tennessee Beef Agribition at MTSU. My family has shown and sold cattle there for many years. This year we had some friends stop by to pet cows! All of our visitors (at least the kids) are stars on my website!
Bryson, Ethan, & Mrs. Donna from my school! Bryson was in my class last year and his little brother Ethan is in my class this year! (The boys' expressions in this picture crack me up--they are tricky to get to smile for a picture!)
Wesley and my sweet cousin Sarah.
Thanks to Sarah's mom, my wonderful aunt Carol, for taking that picture and the one below. Sarah, Carol, and I were all wearing pink and I was very disappointed that we didn't take a picture of us together! Oh well...
My Daddy & I showing.Wesley & I with Matthew, Morgan, & Maddox (isn't he adorable?!)Wesley & I with Dave, Christy, & Mikey-sitting on a heifer!
We were so glad that our friends came to visit us!