Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miss Kate Riley

I LOVE this baby's sweet face! Isn't she adorable?!

This sweet girl is the two month old daughter of our friends Jason & Julie. Julie redeemed a gift certificate for their photo session this week.

Kate turned two months old the day we had our session. I have never seen a baby so in love with a mobile. She literally went from screaming to smiling in a matter of about two seconds when Julie started the mobile!

After some crib and mobile fun, we went to hang out on her mat in the living room.

Check out the many faces of Kate Riley:

I love this look!

Kate has the prettiest baby lips.Daddy daughter time

Duke the family dog came to join the fun.

Jason & Julie, thanks for letting me come spend an evening with you. I had such a great time and hope we can do it again sometime.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ryder's 1st Birthday!

I know I say this quite a bit, but..........
I can't believe this baby is ONE!!!

We celebrated Ryder's 1st Birthday at a park in Cleveland.
Look how happy the birthday boy is!
I love seeing Kristy and Cody interact with Ryder.

Fun cake times

As you can see, Ryder was pretty into his cake. The funny thing is, he was even more into it later when someone gave him a spoon!

My Maggie was wanting to give Ryder some birthday love.
Camden was interested in the gifts.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Ryder!
We love you!
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Mini-Sessions in Murfreesboro!!!

I have some wonderful news for our Middle Tennessee/Murfreesboro clients!
We will be in Murfreesboro on Saturday, October 25th, and will be offering mini-sessions!
I know it's still September, but it's almost time to be thinking about your family Christmas cards. The mini-session is a great opportunity to get pictures to use for your annual cards.
Here are the details-contact me ASAP to secure your time.

*30 minute session, up to 5 people
*approximately 15 images will be available for online viewing
*one digital file with release to print holiday cards or prints
*location: on or near the Greenway (contact for details)
*Please note, due to scheduling-these cannot be rescheduled if there is bad weather (we'll just keep our fingers crossed!).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updated Galleries

I have finally updated my website galleries. I have been meaning to do so for quite awhile, and we are actually HOME this weekend!
Click on the picture to view the new gallery. I have been having some trouble with Firefox on my computer not showing the current show. Wesley didn't have that problem on his, but if you do have trouble-Internet Explorer should show it correctly. Enjoy!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just in time....

Wow......My goal was to have these pictures finished before Carter arrived. Jonie and Joe are at the hospital as I type waiting for Carter to make his grand entrance. :)
How's that for timing?! Kristy offered to hold the laptop (slideshow playing, of course) over Jonie's belly so she could have a focus point during labor. I'm not really sure that will happen, but just in case.........

I had a fabulous time hanging out with Joe, Jonie, and Camden one Saturday morning.
We started out in Camden's new big boy room.

We played puzzles...
did a little light reading....

Played a little golf, I mean-baseball....

Then, we went to Carter's nursery for awhile,
where Camden showed us the baby in his belly! :)
Jonie read Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go to Camden (& Carter too!).

Camden showed us his muscles.

And then, Cody, Kristy, and Ryder came over to play.

This boy is getting so big! It seems like just the other day that Wesley and I went to visit him after he came home from the hospital.

This face just cracks me up.

We threw the boys in the bathtub for some fun bubble bath and toys!

And a great big thank you to Kristy for deciding that I needed pictures of me IN the tub taking pictures and to Jonie for actually taking the pictures! :)
The things I'll do for a picture, huh?

Joe and Jonie, good luck tonight/tomorrow morning. We love you and are praying that everything goes well. You are such great parents and wonderful examples to us.
Lots of love and Congratulations!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sweet Baby Cameron

Baby Cameron is such a sweet little guy. He was so calm and serene during our time together.
He was calm enough even that he fell asleep and nothing could wake him by the end!

We started out in his nursery where Cameron showed me his fabulous mobile.

This is one of my favorites from the session.
Katy is such a great mom!

We hung out in the living room for awhile.
We tried some shots with Cameron's "older sisters"-their two boxers.
That didn't work so well. I think in preparation for the next session, I am going to have to go hang out with those girls so they won't be so "excited" when they see me!
So, we focused on the human family instead.

We enjoyed family time in the bonus room.

Ummmm, and then he was OUT.
Totally out.
We even moved him around, took him outside, played with the dogs.......
Katy told me that not too long after I left he was wide awake and ready to go.
Babies-gotta love 'em!

Travis & Katy, I had such a great time with your family!
I hope you enjoy your slideshow & all of your images on Pictage.