Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bacons

A sneak peek for a sweet family! I had a great time with you Saturday!

More to come soon!

Spring Formal

We had a great time at the Spring Formal in Cleveland!
Here's my favorite image of the night.
We were sitting at our table and one of the girls said, "Fire, fire," in the calmest voice. We looked and one of the programs was in flames........this is after we stopped most of the damage.
Jeff's face cracks me up!
Enjoy the slideshow below or click HERE to view it full screen.
To view the full gallery of images, click HERE. The password is eastside.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

East Side Spring Formal

On Saturday evening, Brittany, Wesley, & myself had the wonderful opportunity to document the 5th Annual Spring Formal. It's THE Prom Alternative for Cleveland, TN, area youth. Here's the sneak peek I promised!

The Spring Formal was held at the Cleveland Country Club. The staff did a great job taking care of us for the evening.

Here's a peak at some of the great group that was in attendance.

East Side minister Jeff Archey has done a fabulous job planning the Spring Formal for 5 years. This was his last year as planner, but I am sure he will still be a great helper!

The opening entertainment was Cody Whaley from the Union Grove congregation. He did a GREAT job!

NeanderPaul was also part of the entertainment. I had never heard of looping before. It's pretty cool. Check him out on Youtube.

Senior Walk

East Side Spring Formal Attendees, I hope to have all of the pictures edited, slideshow up and gallery online soon! Be sure to email me ( if you want to be emailed when they are available (if you didn't give me your email address Saturday night).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Girl Cele

I was so glad to finally get to see Little Miss Cele again last week! I was supposed to see her in March, but I had a little accident at school and they sent me home with a head injury. Seriously. I smacked my head on the cabinet at school and couldn't shake the headache. Many thanks to Terra for being so flexible and rescheduling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the images from this session. :) I am so excited to get to share them with you all.

This is possibly my favorite image from the session.Please note all of the hairbows in the background. Every little girl needs some good hairbows!
Playing in Cele's Big Girl Room.
She loves the dancing giraffe!
What a good kitchen helper. :)
There is something about this image that I just love. Can you find Rex the Brave Cat? (Brave because he lives with an almost 2 year old!)
Mommy & Daughter-so beautiful.
Cele and Terra-I was SO glad to get to see you again! Enjoy your SLIDESHOW!
Please remember to help our Murfreesboro friends who have been affected by the tornadoes.
Scroll down......

Monday, April 13, 2009

Murfreesboro Tornado

Photos from
Many of you may have heard about the devastating tornadoes that hit Rutherford County on Friday. Wesley & I were traveling to Alabama to visit my grandparents when I received a text message from my brother "BIG tornado in Murfreesboro." As I reached to answer the text, my mom called with the same information. Within a few minutes, we were entering Muscle Shoals (where my grandparents live) welcomed by numerous tornado sirens. Numerous counties in Middle Tennessee and North Alabama had terrible storms-some including tornadoes on Friday.
Thankfully, we arrived safely at my grandparents' and I was able to talk to several friends in Murfreesboro to find out that they were safe. Nearly everyone I have talked to in the following days has said, "I watched it from my front door," or "It turned before it got to my house." We are so thankful and blessed that none of our church family or friends were injured in the storms.
One of the hardest hit areas is located in the Northfield Elementary school zone (the school where I worked for 6 years).
My kindergarten class at Ridgeview has been email pen pals with Brittney's class at Northfield. Today, they sent the sweetest email asking if everyone was okay (from families to houses to pets and cars!) & wrote cards to send to them. We also will be hosting a money drive to benefit the families at Northfield who have been displaced from the storms. We are hoping that everyone will help by bringing loose change, cash, or even checks made to Ridgeview Elementary. If you would like to help the Northfield families, you can get your money to me or take your donation to Northfield if you are in Murfreesboro.
They are also accepting gift cards to benefit the families.
There were two deaths from the tornado in Murfreesboro-Kori Bryant and her 9 week old daughter, Olivia. The husband/father, John Bryant, is in the hospital with injuries he sustained. If you would like to help this family, you can click HERE.

I know that our church family at East Main worked hard this weekend to help with clean-up and providing care packages for victims and workers. If you would like to help with that endeavor (as I am sure it will continue for quite awhile), please email me ( and I can give you more information.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Cele-Not a Baby Anymore!

It's hard to believe that this big girl was this baby girl just a year ago. I FINALLY :) got to see Cele & mom Terra again this week. I had forgotten how much I LOVE the natural lighting in their home. Terra- here's your sneak peek. I had to really restrain myself to keep from posting these last night (I wanted to wait since I had just posted another blog post). I cannot wait for you to see the remaining images. They are BEAUTIFUL. We will not let this much time pass before I return next time!

Poor Rex the Cat!

Taylor Grandkids

Taylor Family-Thanks for a FUN day! Enjoy your slideshow! (Click HERE if you want to see it full screen.)

Blog readers....hmm, I bet you are wondering how you have been lucky enough to have a blog post EVERYday this week! It's my SPRING break!! Whoo hoo!
Stay tuned for another sneak peek tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This sweet family is getting ready for their grandmother's birthday! We met on Saturday for a portrait session. 12 kids-of all ages! WOW. I was tired! Lots of fun on a beautiful day!
It's hard to believe the weather was that nice this weekend and it snowed today!
Taylors-there are many more images for me to share with you soon-yes, more in color!! :)

Canon 70-200 f/4.0 L For Sale

I am upgrading to the 2.8!! :)
I am selling my Canon L series 70-200 f/4.0 lens (this is NOT the IS version).
Comes with front & back caps, lens hood, and case (I might even have the box!).
It's in great shape-no scratches or problems with the actual lens. There are a couple of scratches on the hood just from being put in and out of the camera bag. I am going to attach some sample shots with this as well.
Please call 615.804.0925 or email me if you are interested.
This lens sells new at B&H for $600. I would like to get $475 for it. If you are in the Tri-Cities, Murfreesboro or Cleveland area, I can deliver it to you. Otherwise, we can work out delivery or shipping plans.
Thanks so much!

Sample Images:

Monday, April 6, 2009


Several weeks ago I photographed a very special family.
When Roxanne from Pixel2Canvas heard that I was going to do this session, she immediately contacted me to say they wanted to donate a canvas for the family. I was so excited because as soon as I discovered I would do this session, I decided they needed one. I just didn't know how to swing it. Roxanne to the rescue! She was amazing!
Sadly, the mother of this family passed away the week we were ordering the canvas. The day she passed away, the family contacted me to say she had chosen a different image for the canvas than we had originally thought. I called Roxanne on a Monday to discuss the printing of the canvas. I explained that Sarah had chosen a different image from the one Roxanne & I had selected. I asked Roxanne if we could do 2 canvases instead of 1. Roxanne was immediately up for the challenge! She went to the office on a day when she wasn't supposed to & had the canvases printed. Then, she had them shipped overnight!
By Thursday, we had TWO beautiful canvases to deliver to this deserving family.

The best part of all was seeing Lisa's (Sarah's cousin) face when she came to pick up BOTH canvases. I hadn't mentioned anything about there being more than one until she arrived.

If you are a photographer in search of a canvas company-Pixel2Canvas is who you need! They are awesome!
Roxanne, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are simply amazing.

Beautiful gallery wrap canvases. Ready to hang.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lollipop Sale

Last weekend was the Lollipop Kids Children's Consignment Event in Gray. It was my first opportunity to set up a table there and I had SO MUCH fun! By Saturday I was even checking people out! I am a consignment sale pro! :) I was able to meet so many great moms, dads, & grandparents! I even got several good deals myself for sweet Maggie!
There are only two images in this post from my real camera-the rest are from my point & shoot, so please forgive the quality.
The Lollipop Sale was a HUGE hit!! The sale was even on the news! Click HERE for the video clip. One of my kindergarten moms was even interviewed!
Here are Kellie & Astin-they are the Lollipop Kids Queens! :)
Astin greeting the volunteers/consignors on Thursday evening-they got a first shot at all of the good deals.

Lots and Lots of clothes!

Skelton Photography table

YUMMY & CUTE cakes!

My sweet girl Faith Anne (she's Astin's daughter & in my kindergarten class) & friend Amanda. They are enjoying the glider & rocking chair that Amanda & I bought. She got the rocking chair for her classroom & I got that AWESOME glider for our house-NO, we aren't having a baby yet, but I couldn't pass up such a great deal!



And here's a cute video of Faith Anne & I entertaining ourselves on Saturday!

A GREAT BIG thanks to Kellie & Astin for having me & to my friends Jason, Mindy, & Amanda for all of their help with my table!
I have sent out an email to those who signed up for the email list. I had a few come back, so if you signed up and didn't get the email, send me an email There is a special offer to those on the email list.
Drumroll please.................
Congratulations to Alice Ann Smith & Heather Lyon! These ladies' names were drawn for a prize-email me ASAP!