Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Hobbs Part 2 {Johnson City Tennessee Wedding Photography}

I told you there would be more blog posts from Doug and Elizabeth's big day! Here is the "Getting Ready" Post. :) The getting ready images are almost always my favorites. Everyone is so excited about the big day and it really shows.

The image below is Elizabeth's sister, Alisa, sewing on one of Elizabeth's wedding gowns. I LOVED how resourceful the Doan family is! There were alterations being made in the hour or so before we started pictures-and not with a safety pin or tape (which is how I would alter something!)-they used real needle and thread! Wesley asked me, "Did that make you wish you could sew?" I won't tell you what my answer was. :)
If you were paying attention earlier, I said "one of Elizabeth's wedding gowns." Yep, she had TWO. What a lucky girl! Elizabeth's grandfather wanted one of the granddaughters to wear her grandmother's wedding dress. She had dreamed of wearing the dress for years, so they were pretty nervous last month when the gown was nowhere to be found. They found it two days (I think) before we did her bridal session! It was in a dry cleaner bag in a box! I was so amazed with how beautiful and well preserved the dress was. Elizabeth's mother and aunt also wore the dress on their wedding days. At the reception, there was a table with pictures of each bride wearing the dress and the story (written by Elizabeth) of the dress.

Chantilly lace. :)While the grown-ups were hustling and bustling around getting ready, the ring bearer and flower girl were taking care of what was most important......PLAYING!

The "booster seat" cracked me up!

Elizabeth's mom crocheted beautiful shawls for each of the girls. They were amazing.

Sisters, mom, and aunt help ready the beautiful bride.
Hope you enjoyed Part 2.
More to come!

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