Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Ritchie

Andrea and I were friends in high school--we shared many hours of French class together (including very early 7 am class hours). I was so glad to connect again with her on the lovely Facebook. Now, anyone who knows Andrea knows that she is a very intelligent, sensible, level-headed girl. She is certainly not someone who rushes to make decisions, especially important ones such as who she will marry. You can imagine how surprised we all were to find out that in one week she and Jeremy had met, went on their first date, gotten engaged and set a wedding date! Yes, you heard me right--all of that happened in ONE WEEK! I was in shock but I was definitely excited for Andrea. I was even more excited when she said she needed a photographer and asked me if I was interested. I had been looking for the perfect "starter wedding" for awhile.
I was so nervous the day of the wedding that I thought to myself, "I will NEVER do this again. Why the in the world did I say I could do this?!" The wedding was the day after our Open House at school, so Wesley and I drove back to Murfreesboro from Johnson City and arrived late Friday night. Our dear friend Brittany came from Cleveland to help me shoot the wedding. She was amazing and did a great job of helping with the whole photography thing and keeping me calm! By the time we were half-way thru the day I told Brittany, "This is so much fun!" and by the end of the day, "I will definitely do a wedding again if I get the chance." Andrea and Jeremy were so wonderful to work with--she was the most relaxed bride I have ever seen. I took entirely too many pictures (if too many pictures is a possibility) and it has been difficult getting them edited since I have also been trying to learn how to teach 1st grade, but I am finally done!
Jeremy & Andrea, thank you SO much for allowing Brittany and I to capture your day. We hope that your pictures are all that you hoped they would be and more. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.
Enjoy your slideshow!
Instead of the traditional guestbook, Andrea had her friends Amy & Linda (old high school friends of mine too) take pictures of the guests as they arrived. There were also cards available for guests to write a note to Jeremy and Andrea and put in their wedding mailbox.

Andrea's friend Sacha was her matron of honor and all 5 of these beautiful children are hers! They were the most well-behaved children I have ever been around. There was never one complaint out of them and they did all that we asked of them! Poor little Lolli didn't like the idea of walking down the aisle in front of so many people, but she sat so nicely on the front pew (and threw all of her rose petals on the ground!).

Jeremy had some spiffy "Kiss the Bride" breath spray for before the ceremony.

My FAVORITE part of the wedding-the kids sang "God is So Good." It was absolutely precious and they did an awesome job.

I loved the looks on Jeremy and Andrea's faces as the kids sang.

Husband & Wife!

Brittany and I caught each other in action!

I was so glad Brittany was there, but now I wish we had taken this picture earlier in the day instead of at the very end. But, you can see by our tiredness how hard we worked! Thanks to Andrea's brother for taking this picture of us!
Thanks again, Andrea! I hope you enjoy your pictures!

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Andrea said...

Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing! Jeremy and I are in Indiana - still in route to FL, but we will go through all the pictures asap! Thanks for everything!