Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elizabethton Spring Formal Sneak Peek

Saturday, Wesley and I had the wonderful opportunity to help out with the Elizabethton church of Christ Spring Formal. This prom alternative was a great event for our youth.
There are MANY, MANY more pictures to come, but I know the teens (and volunteers!) are waiting to see these.
Come back tomorrow or Thursday for a complete recap and slideshow of our big night!

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Sheila said...

Oh Denise this is such a great idea, I need to mention this to my husband he teaches the teenage bible bowl class (Hebron Church of Christ), we would probally have to team up with another church we only have 120 members. Email me the details if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing. I am sure the young people loved you sharing your God given talent that night. God bless