Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John & Lisa's Wedding {Franklin, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

John & Lisa had a BEAUTIFUL wedding Saturday in Franklin. Here's a little sneak peek! More coming soon.

Lisa emailed me several weeks ago asking if she should have her hair and makeup professionally done. I suggested some makeup people to her and was so excited when I walked in Saturday morning and saw my friend Bess! She and I taught together in Murfreesboro and she is amazings! If you want her info, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.

Lisa's dress was so beautiful.

Lisa's mom and bridesmaids helped her get dressed.
Lisa and John had originally decided not to see each other before the wedding and then changed their mind. I was so glad they did! It always provides so much more time for us to spend on portraits of the couple and calms everyone's nerves.
When you decide to see each other before the wedding, it's private, sweet, and you get awesome pictures. :) Then, you have a few moments to yourself before the rush of the day begins. We have a super sweet shot of Lisa and John sitting together talking that I will share in the next post.
Brittany got this one of Lisa and John embracing. I love it!
More to come soon!

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