Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Duncans Go to the Beach!

Two days after we returned from Jamaica, Wesley & I packed up & headed to the beach! :) We went to Emerald Isle, NC, so our friends-The Duncans-could have beach pictures & so we could have a few days of relaxation.
We went out on Tuesday to try to get some pictures & things didn't go so well. The sun was too bright & kids weren't interested. So, we gave up (after Wesley's feet & legs were ROASTED) & went back the next morning at about 6:30 (Wesley stayed in bed!).

The first three are from Round 1, the rest are from Round 2. :)

Hilarious. This one took awhile!

Jason & Mindy are such good friends to us! We are so thankful for them!
Enjoy the slideshow!

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