Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reynolds Family {Johnson City, Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photography}

Sessions like this are my absolute favorite! I LOVE when families just do their thing and let me come hang out! I was there 2 hours before I even realized it! The Reynolds Family and I had a great time on Saturday. Leslie had been doing a snow dance in hopes of getting snow for their session again this time. The dance worked, but I don't think she danced quite long enough! :) We were glad to have some snow though-this is what Tennessee snow looks like!

Before we went outside, Cooper and Bryan were hanging out in the living room. This is the look of a "caught" daddy. Coop had just said, "I KNOW I'm getting a bicycle in a box cause I saw it in your room! I DID!" Bryan and I tried convincing him that he's just getting old and seeing things, but I don't know that it worked....
Brylee was so funny outside! The family was throwing snow balls......tiny ones because of the amount of snow of course! Brylee would run as fast as she could and hide behind me and say, "They're gonna get me!"

We went inside to dance and play in Brylee's room.....

......then read in Cooper's room.....

They love to pile up on Cooper's bed and read together each night. So sweet!

Leslie's parents were there for fun too! They all played the game Elefun. I have seen it in stores but have never seen it played. It was pretty cute!

Bryan and Leslie decided it would be fun to let the kiddos open one present each. Of course it was fun! Cooper got Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Brylee got a doll. I love the realness of this image. As soon as the presents are open there is assembly required or some tricky moves to get the toy out of the package! Real life!

They let Cane out for a bit to play too! He's grown a ton since they first got him last year!

One of my favorite images of the day.

Brylee was my buddy quickly, she hugged and loved on me. She was so sweet!
Bryan & Leslie, thanks for letting me come hang out with your family! Enjoy your slideshow!
I just realized I have an exclamation mark in almost every sentence. Apparently I am excited! :)

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