Friday, May 4, 2007

A Great Little Helper

Wesley has been working diligently to fix up our house (mainly update not so much fix up, but anyhow...) to get ready to sell. We have concreted the driveway and laid tile in both bathrooms & the kitchen. The bathrooms were bad enough--having a toilet in your shower isn't so hot; this week was the kitchen. Our refridgerator was in the living room. Interesting. The tile laying process took much longer yesterday than expected, but finally today it was ready for appliances to return to their homes instead of the garage and living room. Our friends Matthew, Morgan, & Maddox came over to help. While Wesley & Matthew were getting the washer/dryer ready to return, Maddox was such a great helper. He helped me move things back to the kitchen & is GREAT with a wipe! He wiped everything I own. Then, I opened the fridge & saw that it needed cleaning--Maddox went right to work. He scrubbed & scrubbed the bottom, then he got tired so he just sat down. :) How hilarious is this?

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