Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Josie's 1st Birthday

Welcome to Josie's Birthday Party Review!
Charlotte knows how to throw a party! There was all kinds of food, family & friends. Charlotte & her family are so sweet--they even sent a piece of cake home to Wesley (who had been pouring concrete all day!)--it was VERY yummy!
Charlotte, thanks so much for letting me photograph your baby girl's big day!

Charlotte had all kinds of birthday accessories for Josie!

The noise makers were quite a hit!

Josie's a fast crawler.

Here's Tripp #1. Would you believe there were 2 boys named Tripp/Trip there?!
Some trampoline fun for the bigger kids.

Charlotte made a fabulous slideshow of Josie's 1st year. The kids LOVED the music!

Josie was not so sure about the cake.

She really didn't like that it was on her hands and no one would clean it off.

She had a little cheering section for the cake festivities.

She got sad at the end and Charlotte's mom put on her birthday hat to make her laugh!

Opening gifts. I LOVE this picture of Charlotte & Josie with the book!

Josie liked money. :)

Josie with her mommy & daddy

Josie & Tootie

The whole family

Here's the birthday girl!

Lovin' with Momma

LOTS of family members wanted their picture made with the birthday girl!

Josie & her daddy

Happy Birthday, Josie!!

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