Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Tag-Along with Amber Holrtiz-Top 10 :)

Saturday I had the AWESOME opportunity to spend some time with Chattanooga photographer Amber Holrtiz. I think the best way to describe my adventure is to say it's definitely in the Top 10 Moments of my life. :) (Amber-when you read this, please don't think I'm crazy!! I am just super exited!) After I read Amber's blog post about our day, I told Wesley today that it made my week, month, year. That is not an understatement. I am just THAT excited.

We met Saturday morning at 10:30 at Panera in Chattanooga. I had my list of questions ready (after losing my original list, panicking, & recreating it, but no worries!) & we whizzed through those fairly quickly. We were supposed to have a session with a sweet little 10 month old boy, but at around 11:20ish we had to change our plans. Baby Zachary was very sick and not quite up for a visit from some crazy photographers. Thankfully, Amber was able to find a family who wanted her to come do a session for them on short notice (imagine that!-I texted Brittany during the search & I think she got a little hopeful that we would make a trip to Cleveland!). The change of plans allowed for some extra question/answer/discussion time, which I loved. Amber & I discussed client relations, pricing, album design, post-processing, etc. It was a very valuable experience, & I am looking forward to making some important changes in Skelton Photography. Then, we headed on over for our session. Amber handled the session as she would any other & I was free to ask questions, etc. as needed.

I tried narrowing down the number of images I wanted to share in this post & decided it just wasn't worth it. :) Sit back, relax, & enjoy my favorite images from the day, with a few moments of me in action thanks to Amber.
Katie & Emeline love playing bubbles when Emeline is in her high chair. Gregsby joined in the fun too. My 2nd favorite moment I captured during our visit.

Amber in action :)

LOVE this baby girl's face. It totally cracks me up.

Gregsby being a great father, husband, & all around person by changing a horribly stinky diaper. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby eyelashes.
Amber caught me taking.....
....this image. Fun reading times. Katie taught 1st grade, so she had lots of my favorite books. :)

My favorite Amber Action moment. So funny because she got a similar one of me lying on my belly for a shot.

Katie is so beautiful! Such a wonderful mom. I LOVED hearing Gregsby & Katie sing "Chicken Fried" & "Dixieland Delight" to Miss Emeline. She was hysterical-she danced & bobbed her head the entire time.

If I have ever been in your home & stood in your chair for a shot, it's because I learned from the best. :)
This is my #1 Favorite image from the day.Sweet, quiet moments.

Amber taking her famous self-portrait.

And I LOVED this series Amber had on her blog. So fun!
Thanks Emeline & Family, you were GREAT!Amber, a simple "thank you" cannot even begin to touch what I want to say. I thoroughly enjoyed "tagging along" for the session, for your advice, input & help, & the nicest words of encouragement I have heard. Thank you.
If you are a photographer who is interested in a tag along, be sure to contact Amber. If you are on the fence & have questions, please feel free to email me. I am more than happy to tell you about our amazing day.
If you are STILL reading this long blog post, THANK YOU!
Please enjoy the slideshow Amber put together of the favorites we chose of my images.
Be sure to click on over to her blog & see the galleries & her slideshow as well.

Whew. That was long! :) To my loyal blog readers who are wondering about that 2008 Image Contest, since some people cannot choose ONE image (how hard is that?! I mean, look at me, can't you see how I narrowed it down for this post!!?!!), I will be having a "Vote Off." More info to come this week.

The End. :)


KATIE said...

Denise!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shots!! You're clearly meant to do this and have a serious talent. Thank you for capturing such special memories, and as I like to say, "freezing time" for a moment. :) We'll treasure these forever.

Nicole L. Rogers said...

These are so beautiful! I am so jealous you got to hang out with Amber on a shoot!

Nicole :)

Tina said...

OOOHHHH, I can't wait to reap the rewards of your tagalong! Did you REALLY need instruction on "client relations"? Hello???? I personally think we have a great relationship!

Oh, and regarding only picking one image, if you weren't so STINKIN good at what you do, we wouldn't have a hard time choosing. Complaining? No. It was just that hard.