Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 Year in Review Slideshow

I know, I know, I said it would be Wednesday or Thursday for the slideshow and it's Friday.....but come on, I got the day off from school, people! I am SO SO thankful for our "Too Cold Day." Yes, that's right, it is 5 degrees outside and so we don't have school. Before any people who are used to cold weather say anything, we aren't! :) Therefore, I am thankful that I do not have school-better yet, I have a 4 day weekend!-and that our sweet kiddos didn't have to walk to school, wait on the bus, or ride the bus in these frigid temperatures. Now, on with the slideshow!

I really enjoyed looking at all of these images from 2008 as I put together the slideshow and previous blog posts. I feel like I have grown so much as a photographer in 2008 and can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for me. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some fun and informative posts from me including: backing up your digital images-important info for all people!, preparing for your wedding day-important info for my sweet brides!, and much, much more!

For now, I hope you enjoy looking back with me at the highlights of 2008.

**I would love to know which are YOUR FAVORITE images! There *might* be a treat for a voter or favorite image winner. Tell your friends and family to come view the slideshow and pick their favorite! Voting ends next FRIDAY (January 23rd). Please only vote one time. You may vote by commenting below with your favorite image number from the slideshow.**

You may watch here or click HERE to view it full screen.


Jana said...

Well, I am kinda my favorite is image # 8...the one of Maggie on the red couch in the white dress w/ her little foot sticking out. But, they are all great! I can't believe how much Camden, Maggie, & Ryder have changed in a year!

Coach Rockstar said...

#15. Way cool

Dawn Winton Photography said...

No Way I can choose one- There are so many great images in here. The baby with the cake all over his face. The Bride with to Coke - The Bride pumping gas. Great Year Denise!


Cricket said...

How do you pick? There are so many great pictures of my friends, great pictures of my child, and my favorites from those I don't know. I love music so the pics of the kids with musical instruments are a favorite, so are the one of Mikey looking up and Mikey and Dave. I guess my absolute favorite has to be of Lindsey pumping gas.

Denise Skelton said...

Okay, folks. So I just realized I left out one beautiful baby girl! Her images were in a different folder. OOPS! Now it is corrected, and the image numbers have changed a little.
Jana-I know which one of Maggie you chose.
Shannon-15 was of Eli and Emma walking.

mindy said...

I choose image number 37 with the couple at the bridge. Love what all it implies! A close second would be image number 40. I love the elegance of the bride on the couch! Maybe next year my kids and I can make the slide show!!

Haley Oglesby (Dinah's sister) said...

I could look at your pictures all day. They make me want to spend time shooting things other than sports. :) Like many of the others, I had a terrible time choosing just one. I managed to narrow it down to four...
#37 I love the bridge in the background while maintaining focus on the couple
#92 You captured those beautiful blue eyes at the perfect moment
#175 It's just too funny!
#176 I would soooo blow this one up and display it.

You make me want to have my picture taken and I prefer to be behind the camera.

Tina said...

OK, you know I have to have my input! Here they are! I can't just pick one (Come on Denise!)
#197: The rockstar and his sister
#104: Caylee with the tutu
#137: ringbearer taking the picture
#14: Eli sticking his tongue out playing his instrument.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for '09 either!
Yours truly,
The Official Spokesperson for Skelton Photography

Kerri Epling said...

I like #65 and #92, but if I had to choose just one, I'd say #65.

Amy said...

Denise -- these are AMAZING!! You have such a wonderful eye to capture the moment. Here are my favorites:
#8 -- love her toes sticking out of the dress
#65 -- I love the cubby fingers grabbing his daddy's face
#80 -- jumping groomsman is hilarious!
#92 -- Maggie's eyes are unbelievable
#99 -- That cute hiney sitting on the shower floor
#104 -- precious girl in the tutu
#115 -- the girls on the playground with their dresses blowing -- AWESOME!

Can't wait to see the pictures you will capture in 2009!

Anonymous said...

44 or 47. I like the "artistic-ness" of 47. :)

Jeremy, Andrea, and Avie said...

Tough decision, but we're going with #90! You take such amazing pictures, Denise!!

Kristy said...


There is no way to choose one favorite picture. I have 17 favorites, and that was cutting out a bunch of almost favorites. So here are my favorites:
24, cute boys with feet
37 and 38-Tyler and Britt's bridge and flowers engagement pics
65-Ryder kisses
73-naked maddox and lincoln
80-the jumping sneedo
90-maggie's smile
97-maggie in the closet
122-cam belly kissing carter in the belly
137-ringbearer now, photographer later
145-ryder loves some cake
157-tiny owen in big bed
162-pretty girls in the pretty fall
176-storybook lindsey and ryan

You may hate me for picking all these, but it's not my fault you are such a wonderful photographer :)

Love you!

Serious Shopaholic said...

127 is my favorite, though it was very difficult to just pick one. I'm pretty sure that this is the photo you posted on Facebook where you were in the tub--with your brand new lens!--it was great to see the behind the scenes as well! They're all amazing!