Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Sturgill {Johnson City Tennessee Wedding Photography}

I finally have Candace & Josh's beautiful wedding day ready to blog! I don't know if I wanted to share so many because they have been so patient (May is NOT a good month to get things done if you are a teacher!) or if they are just that fun to share! I tried to choose "a few" & somehow had 40 images in a folder. I have narrowed them down for now; you will just have to watch the slideshow to see the rest!

Candace was my student teacher in the fall-I was so excited that she & Josh allowed us to be a part of their beautiful wedding day! The forecast was for major thunderstorms-I prayed so hard for good weather for pictures & not one raindrop fell until we were leaving the reception! :)

Candace had told me months ago about how much Josh loves Pal's. I was not one bit surprised to see him enjoying Pal's for lunch!

You all know how much I LOVE a First Look. :) Candace & Josh's First Look was extra sweet for a couple of reasons: 1) Candace made sure that no one (besides her parents & photographers!) saw her in her dress until Josh did. 2) Her daddy walked her down to see Josh for the first time.

Brittany & I always snap a few shots & then leave the couple alone for a few moments. Candace & Josh were so sweet-they just smiled huge smiles the whole time!

Handsome Groom

Beautiful Bride

One of my favorites

Another favorite-I think Brittany captured this one.

Might be my favorite from the day :)

I stumbled upon Candace & Josh sneaking a kiss right before the ceremony began.

Thanks to Brittany for this great shot of the girls.

This was our first "flag bearer" wedding. I LOVED it!
(The other side of the flag says "Just Married.")

One of my favorite ring shots ever!

This groomsman-Matt-is going to be a great daddy one day! He was so good with the little boys! This was taken at the Double Tree while we were waiting on the bride & groom to arrive.

Candace & Josh,
*Thanks for allowing us to capture your beautiful day!
*Thanks for being so wonderful to work with!
*Thanks for patiently waiting for your slideshow & gallery!
*Please come back & visit soon! I miss you!
**Enjoy your slideshow!

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Tina said...

I am LOVING the yellow and the daisies!!!! Great choice!!! Also, what a fantastic idea for a "flag bearer". Great job, Denise, as always. Can I get married again so you can do my wedding? Chad may have something to say about that though!