Monday, June 21, 2010

Timothy Ryan

Wesley & I were so excited to get to visit with several friends during our Middle Tennessee trip for my birthday/Father's Day. We were excited to meet little Timothy Ryan on Friday evening! We had a super quick photo session, went to eat at Demo's (YUUUUMMMM!) with other friends, then went back to visit with Dave & Christy before driving to my parents' house. Whew. What a long day, but it was worth it!

Mikey was so excited to show off what he called "My Baby!"
The hat Timothy is wearing here was knitted by his Nana.

Christy loves his little swirl in his hair. It is pretty cute.

I asked Mikey what he liked about Timothy. His immediate response, "HIS HAT!" Christy then told Mikey to tell me what Timothy did that day that he liked. Mikey informed me that Timothy said his name, "He just said Mikey, not my Michael name." :) He is very advanced for a two day old baby!
I knitted the hat in the picture below for Timothy. I was afraid it wasn't going to fit! It worked for these pictures, but I'm not sure it will fit much longer.

The Boys! :)

Sweet baby :)

Christy & Timothy were fresh home from the hospital.
They got home around 4:30-we got there around 6:30.

Dave, Christy, Mikey, & Timothy-we LOVE you guys!
Enjoy your slideshow!

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