Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sneak Peeks! {Cleveland, TN Lifestyle Family Photographer}

We went to Cleveland for the long weekend and spent some time with good friends! Sunday, Wesley and I went to visit Kyle and Kellee as they prepare for Baby Brody. (Wesley's mom made the curtains and Wesley hung them before the session started!)

I LOVE this one of Kyle and Kellee!Reading a book to Brody.....a book that someone who really loves him got for him (wonder who that is?)
Kyle decided to practice putting baby shoes on Hokie the cat. I think you can tell what Hokie the cat thought of this plan.
Monday morning, I went to hang out with Michael, Michelle, Matthew, and Miles. We had fun times playing trains and playing some games!

Miles was amazed that Nise stood in the chair to take this picture. Don't worry, it was followed by a very serious "Don't stand in the chair like this or you will get in trouble" talk from Nise!
Board games are super fun!
More to come soon!

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