Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Smith Family {Cleveland, Tennessee Lifestyle Family Photographer}

I loved hanging out with this sweet family last weekend! Miss Addie is Maggie's friend. When I told Maggie on Sunday that I saw Addie the day before, her eyes got HUGE and she smiled a huge smile. So sweet! Addie and Owen are pretty fun-and their parents are too.

I love this one of sweet Owen!
Isn't this picture below so sweet? It looks sweet anyway! Addie put her hands/toys on Jackie's face and I thought she was going to give her a kiss. Nope, she said, "Mommy, stop singing!"

This cracks me up!

Dress up fun

Once Addie went to eat a snack, Owen got the book all to himself. I think he liked that. :)

Playdough fun after Owen went down for a nap-this cracks me up.
Even grown-ups like Playdough!
Thanks for letting me hang out with you all! I enjoyed it! Hope you love your slideshow.

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