Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

I can't believe this guy is already 1 year old (yesterday-sorry I'm a little late on the blogging)!! Little Mr. Mikey was the 1st baby I photographed and I have learned a lot by experiementing on him! It seems like just yesterday that I stopped by the hospital on the way to school to check on the progress of Mikey's arrival and there he was! I arrived just in time to see him brought into the nursery--such a special moment. Now he's 1 year old & we're headed to his birthday party in just a few hours--pictures from the BIG party to come later. Happy Birthday, Mikey! :)

Mikey's 1st moments--who is this crazy woman with the camera?
Precious little feet
Dave was a proud (& sleepy) Papa!
I got to hold him a LOT! I was very excited. Look how little he was!
Christy & Wesley after Mikey came home--we were headed for a walk with the way cool stroller.


Julie said...

How sweet are these pictures? I am in LOVE with the feet! I can't wait to see more pictures from the party!

Julie said...

Denise (Mrs. Nise) I LOVE these pictures of little Mikey! How sweet are the baby pictures. I wish I had known you when Halle was a baby! I LOVE LOVE the picture of his little feet!