Monday, June 4, 2007

Mikey's 1st Birthday

Mikey's 1st birthday party was a big to do! Christy had a few of Mikey's favorite things on hand for Mikey or anyone else who wanted some.
The birthday boy
The birthday boy and Miss Lindsey--Lindsey is our good friend-she kept Mikey all year when Christy worked a few days a week. Please notice the whole bun Mikey was chowing down on!
Mikey and his daddy, Dave
Mikey and his mommy and daddy
Lindsey, myself, & KristyBrian & Leslie enjoying party fun--Leslie & Brian had their sweet baby the next day!
Mikey & Christy check out a book he got.
Nina, Kristy, & Wesley watch the opening of gifts.
All of the gift opening wore Mikey out!
A yummy cake made by Christy and decorated by Lindsey

Mikey was not really interested in eating the cake but he liked to play with it with his fork!

Christy's brother-John, Mikey, Christy, Christy's dad, Christy's grandmother, and Christy's mom
Mikey wasn't interested in wearing the hat, so Lindsey wore it for him.
Here is how you get a child to wear a hat--put it on him and let him eat his favorite things!
Yes, there are many things on the tray with a bite out of them because Mikey would pick one up, take a bite, and then put it back and get another one.
Goofy grin
Finally some cake eating!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

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Julie said...

Denise........I LOVE THESE!!! I think these are my FAVORITE!!! They are AWESOME! I did my first practice tonight and they went great! GREAT JOB!!! I LOVE THE SLIDE TOO!