Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jessica & Tommy's Wedding

Yesterday was Jessica & Tommy's wedding at Oaklands Mansion. It was BEAUTIFUL!
I worked with Jessica at Northfield and she and I have shared the sorrows of relocating and job searching this spring. I did a mini engagement session of Jessica & Tommy in order for them to have a picture to send in for the newspaper announcement.
All of these pictures were taken from my seat as a wedding guest--you wouldn't believe how many pictures I took in such a short amount of time!

Our beautiful friend Anna who also teaches at Northfield--what a beautiful bridesmaid!

The little flowergirl was precious!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Tommy teared up when he saw Jessica coming-it was so sweet.

Jessica & her daddy

The little ring bearer was pretty cute too!

It's official! Mr. & Mrs. Tommy McDaniel!

I LOVE the look on Jessica's face-I think she was a little excited.

I love this picture of Jess & Tommy looking at their rings.

Angie Gambill was the official wedding photographer. I can't wait to see the pictures when she posts them. Check out the beautiful engagement pictures she took of Jess & Tommy a few weeks ago by clicking here. At one point, Beth Mo saw me taking a picture of Angie and she said, "Do you have a bit of camera envy?" :) I said, "Just a little."

I thought the carriage was awesome as well.

Our Northfield Family-Amanda, me, Anna, Jess, Beth Mo, Erica, Karen, Beth, & Donna (with Star)

Congratulations, Jessica & Tommy! Good luck with your new life together.


anna said...

Denise these pictures incredible! it's amazing the moments you captured from your seat!!! keep up the wonderful work and you can do my wedding (whenever that may be?!?!)

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

These are your best work yet! Girlie the carriage picture is stunning!! I need to make them an ornament.

Erica said...

The pictures are beautiful. You did a wonderful job!

Karen said...

It is just like I remembered it. I'm still tearing up. What a beautiful wedding. A long loving life to Jess and Tommy. To Denise, who needs to teach when they can produce awesome pictures like these! Love you guys!