Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walker Family

Wesley and I have been so excited to get to know the Walker family. They attend the congregation in Elizabethton where we now attend and are the sweetest family. Lori was so kind and helpful as I was trying to find a teaching job this summer. Bart has taught our Wednesday night class several times and we enjoyed it so much. Little Miss Molly was born Labor Day weekend, I think the Friday before, but don't quote me on that. Audrey and Emily are the sweetest big sisters I have ever seen. They just dote over her.....well, at least while we were there they did! I told Lori before Molly was born that I would like to take pictures of the girls for her, so she and Bart had Wesley and I over for supper and pictures. Wesley said we can go back and take pictures anytime as long as they feed us again. Bart, I guess the hog fat and fish muddle got him. (That'd be an Andy Griffith Show joke....I didn't get it either until Bart enlightened us!)
Walker Family, thanks so much for inviting us into your home and letting me photograph your beautiful girls! Enjoy my favorites and your slideshow.Molly's nursery is so bright and the walls are awesome!

Molly was very alert for our photo session.

The girls' room is so bright and colorful. It was a great spot for pictures.
I love Emily's sweet but solemn look in this shot below.

And that was Miss Audrey's face after I asked, "So what do you think about being a big sister again?"

The girls and Barbie the dog.

I convinced them they needed a family shot, Barbie included.
While I was taking these, Wesley was standing behind me saying "Now, be a TIGER!"
So, they did. I LOVE the last one. I think it's hilarious!

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Julie said...

Hey Denise...great chatting with you tonight! LOVE these shots! The girls are VERY pretty!! Love the tiger shot...Halle calls it the tiger!