Saturday, September 8, 2007

Maggie is One Month Old!

Here is Little Miss Maggie's full post. We took these pictures last Saturday--it was Maggie's first real photo shoot. She didn't know quite what to think about that. And for a baby who isn't interested in pacifiers, she sure wanted hers! "Nana" did a great job of swiping the paci and running, then running back and plugging her up. Enjoy a few of my favorites here and several more favorites in Maggie's One Month Slideshow.

"Nana" and Maggie--this is the beautiful dress that Martha made for her--notice the beautiful necklace that Tabetha made for Martha!

I LOVE this red antique fainting couch (it's stuffed with horse hair!). It's in Dean & Martha's guest room and was perfect for pictures.
This one above is quite possibly my favorite from the second half of the day.

This is what Maggie thought of the photo shoot by the time we were done~Why are you putting this long dress on me and putting me on a couch? And why is Mommy standing so far away and why does Nana keep taking my paci and why is Aunt Denise pointing that big black thing at me?!

A little self portrait in Maggie's room--I'm sure that after seeing the camera in front of my face all day she didn't know quite what to think of Aunt Denise.
Don't be worried, though, we had plenty of aunt-niece bonding time when we weren't taking pictures. And on Sunday we had a huge family get together where EVERYBODY wanted to hold Maggie---tons more pictures of course......those will come later. :)
For now, enjoy the slideshow and if you know anyone who wants their baby's picture made in an antique carriage, give me a call!