Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweet Baby Parker

Saturday I was able to meet sweet little Parker. Parker is the son of Teresa, a teacher friend from my Murfreesboro school, and the brother of Collin & Carter. You may remember these guys from our spring photo session. The week after that session, Carter joined my kindergarten class. I was so excited to get to meet the baby and to see them all again since I hadn't seen them since the beginning of summer break.

This is my buddy Carter. He is THE sweetest big brother!

Here are all three boys-Collin, Carter, and Parker.

The boys humored me for some feet shots!

My bud Carter and I after we had finished.

More to come with a slideshow soon (& I promise they aren't all black & white!)!


anna said...

what sweet boys!?! these pictures are great! and you worn poor Parker out, he slept at least the next 3 hours!

Anonymous said...

Denise—you did it again! These pictures are even better than the ones you took in the spring.
I didn’t think it was possible. I absolutely love the pictures in black and white. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Julie said...

these are GREAT!! The boys are so handsome! I LOOOVEEEE the feet shot! Great job again!