Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lollipop Sale

Last weekend was the Lollipop Kids Children's Consignment Event in Gray. It was my first opportunity to set up a table there and I had SO MUCH fun! By Saturday I was even checking people out! I am a consignment sale pro! :) I was able to meet so many great moms, dads, & grandparents! I even got several good deals myself for sweet Maggie!
There are only two images in this post from my real camera-the rest are from my point & shoot, so please forgive the quality.
The Lollipop Sale was a HUGE hit!! The sale was even on the news! Click HERE for the video clip. One of my kindergarten moms was even interviewed!
Here are Kellie & Astin-they are the Lollipop Kids Queens! :)
Astin greeting the volunteers/consignors on Thursday evening-they got a first shot at all of the good deals.

Lots and Lots of clothes!

Skelton Photography table

YUMMY & CUTE cakes!

My sweet girl Faith Anne (she's Astin's daughter & in my kindergarten class) & friend Amanda. They are enjoying the glider & rocking chair that Amanda & I bought. She got the rocking chair for her classroom & I got that AWESOME glider for our house-NO, we aren't having a baby yet, but I couldn't pass up such a great deal!



And here's a cute video of Faith Anne & I entertaining ourselves on Saturday!

A GREAT BIG thanks to Kellie & Astin for having me & to my friends Jason, Mindy, & Amanda for all of their help with my table!
I have sent out an email to those who signed up for the email list. I had a few come back, so if you signed up and didn't get the email, send me an email There is a special offer to those on the email list.
Drumroll please.................
Congratulations to Alice Ann Smith & Heather Lyon! These ladies' names were drawn for a prize-email me ASAP!

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