Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Girl Cele

I was so glad to finally get to see Little Miss Cele again last week! I was supposed to see her in March, but I had a little accident at school and they sent me home with a head injury. Seriously. I smacked my head on the cabinet at school and couldn't shake the headache. Many thanks to Terra for being so flexible and rescheduling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the images from this session. :) I am so excited to get to share them with you all.

This is possibly my favorite image from the session.Please note all of the hairbows in the background. Every little girl needs some good hairbows!
Playing in Cele's Big Girl Room.
She loves the dancing giraffe!
What a good kitchen helper. :)
There is something about this image that I just love. Can you find Rex the Brave Cat? (Brave because he lives with an almost 2 year old!)
Mommy & Daughter-so beautiful.
Cele and Terra-I was SO glad to get to see you again! Enjoy your SLIDESHOW!
Please remember to help our Murfreesboro friends who have been affected by the tornadoes.
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