Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party! {cleveland, tennessee family photography}

How in the world this child is 2 TODAY I do not know. Seriously. July has been a whirlwind for us-2 weeks in Jamaica, back home for 1 night, then went to the beach with our friends (their beach session pics coming soon), then home for 1 night to leave the next day for Maggie's party.
Despite it all, we would not have missed Miss Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party for anything.

When we arrived, Maggie was less than excited about her party. They had to wake her up from her nap for her party and she was NOT happy. And I believe the fun life of being 2 has kicked in-"I don't YIKE cake! I don't want to see ____! I don't want to wear dat!"
About 5 minutes into it all, I snapped into reality and grabbed my camera.
After I took this picture, I said, "Maggie, you're going to LOVE this picture when you are 16!" :)
It was amazing moment when Maggie saw her party decorations and balloons. A new child had appeared. :) "Yook! Butterflies, balloons!"

And we were ready for a party!

Before her party, if you asked Maggie what would happen at the party, she would say, "Cake, pwesents, and my fwiends will be dere!"

Oh how I love this boy. How is Ryder this big?! His 2nd birthday is coming up soon!

LOVE her!

This cracks me up. Jonie said, "I think she's used to having her picture taken." No, really, I don't know why! :)

Right after this, Maggie informed me the concrete was too hot and now she DID want shoes on.

Last Sunday I almost didn't recognize Carter. He has gotten so big!

For someone who doesn't "yike" cake, she sure ate a lot!

Sharing with Papa.

As soon as Maggie opened this present, she started trying to put the dress on. She even gave Jana one (see in the background)!

Someone who really loves Maggie gave her a camera. (Wonder who?!) We need to work on her photography skills. She's looking in the wrong end!

That's better.

After all of the presents were open, it was time to play with them all!
Sweet Camden!

Last year at the end of the party, Maggie laid down right on the garage floor and I got a picture.
This year, she laid down in the chair Uncle Wese and Aunt Nise gave her.

Ohhh, Birthday Kisses from Camden!

And something VERY important to tell Ryder (although we were all laughing so hard we have no idea what she said).

And Birthday Hugs from Ryder-this is how he hugs, by turning his head and leaning into you!

A wonderfully fun party!
Maggie Skelton, we love you so much and can't believe you are already 2!
Enjoy the slideshow!

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Tina said...

AAAAWWWWW. She is too precious. I am glad you got her the camera. Is it a real digital? My kids both love the ONE we have (I think we'll be getting another one). Great pictures as always.