Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids Part 2

Welcome to Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids Part 2!
Saturday was MUCH MUCH colder than Friday. Luckily, my sweet husband was with me and had the bright idea to hang plastic over the garage door to block the wind. (Connie asked, "Why didn't we think of this yesterday?".....because Wesley wasn't there...) While it stopped the wind, it didn't make the air inside warmer. It was better than it could have been, but my hands were freezing by the end of each session. Partly due to the weather, we had three cancellations, so we only had 4 sessions on Saturday. Max the lamb had the hang of it by Saturday, so he was very laid back & easier to work with. I think he realized he was going to be stuck in front of the camera with cute kids no matter what he did! Bill the Best Bubble Guy in the World handed his job over to Wesley, so thanks to Wesley for helping our little friends smile. Connie had another fantastic day as lamb wrangler. Of course, I enjoyed another day of photographing a cute little lamb with cute little kids!

Parents, I have emailed all of you with your login information, if you somehow didn't receive that email, please email me or give me a call. Thanks for letting me photograph your children!

Enjoy Part 2!

Here are Hayden & Cambell, our 1st session.
Elizabeth was precious with Max

She even had her picture made with Harvey. Friday, Harvey sat in the front yard in a rocking chair. After each session, the kids had their picture made with Harvey. Saturday was just too cold for him to be outside, so he stayed inside next to the fireplace.
In case you are wondering, Harvey is 6 feet tall!

Maddox & his parents travelled all the way from Murfreesboro. Maddox wasn't very interested in Max to begin with, but he eventually changed his mind.
Austin & Courtney were the last session of the day.
Courtney had just turned 1-she was not a Max fan to begin with, but after much patience & enticing, she warmed up to him.

Thanks for joining me for Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids 2007! If Connie & Bill will let me, I'd love to do it again next year.

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