Friday, April 13, 2007

Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids Part 1

Welcome to Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids Part 1
This is where I tell you all about our fun times last Friday (Part 2 is fun times last Saturday!).
Our dear family friend, Connie Kuecker, emailed me and said, "I have some cute little lambs that need their photos made with little children in their Easter outfits." Well, wouldn't you know I had been wanting to take pictures of cute little lambs & cute little children in their Easter outfits. *It would be important to note here that it was 80 degrees when we began to nail down the details of this event.* If you recall, last Friday it was NOT 80 degrees. Plan A of shooting outside in front of azalea bushes was thrown out. Plan B of shooting in the basement began. We had to be very inventive with the lighting, set-up, etc. Connie is awesome! She had these fabulous doors! They were the talk of every session--everybody wanted to know where Connie got the doors-at an auction for way cheap. I am amazed. I called Wesley and said, "I've GOT to get some doors!"
Anyhow, Connie scavenged around and found wonderful floral stuff, washed the lambs, and voila! All I had to do was show up and take pictures. Also, a special thanks to my friend Morgan for letting us use her rocking chair & wagon!

Please enjoy the best shots of Cute Little Lamb, Cute Little Kids Day 1.

This is Connie the Shepherd. She's getting a bottle ready for the little babies.
I am very disappointed that I didn't get a picture of her wonderful husband-Bill the Best Bubble Guy in the World-he made everybody smile!

Here's Aiden-our 1st customer
He wasn't quite sure about the lamb at first, but he warmed up to him.

Recognize these girls? I took pictures of them a few weeks ago. They traveled from Murfreesboro all the way to Dixon Springs to have their picture made with a lamb!
Anna Kate
Isn't she absolutely adorable?! I could take pictures of her all day long
As you can see, I couldn't pick just one of her.
Miss Madison
And her brother Griffin
I love their smiles, precious!

One of the cats had to check out what on earth we were doing....she kept peeking over the top of the doors...

Little Miss Lily had her picture made a few years ago with a lamb (when Connie & my aunt Carol took Christmas pictures) and she did NOT like the lamb. As you can see, she had a better experience this time.She even named the lamb Max. So, we called him Max from then on.
Here's Mr. Mikey. His sweet parents also drove all the way from Murfreesboro for his first Easter pictures.
I LOVE this one.
Lamb Kisses!
Meet Brennan & Clayton
They liked the bubbles Mr. Bill kept sending their way.
And last, but certainly not least, Miss Lexie.
I had to use this one because I LOVE her boots!
She was the last appointment of the day, and by 5 p.m. it was pretty cold. She was literally shaking by the end, but she did great!
Lexie loved the lamb (as you can see) and was not about to let Max go when he tried to get away.

Part 2 will be coming soon!
Parents, I will be sending you info on how to view your pictures very soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Denise Skelton said...

From an email:
Hello Denise,
Thank you again for all the great work you did that cold, breezy Friday at the Kueckers'. Connie and Bill are just awesome in everything they do...and this was no exception.
I have enjoyed the 'sneak preview' of Anna Kate's photos and look forward to getting them all. Being her great aunt is just wonderful!
Thank you for sharing.
Sarah Tinsley