Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 4th Family Fun

Finally, here are the pictures from the July 4th Family get-together. We are now officially in Johnson City, so this is the 1st blog from Skelton Photography located in Johnson City. Don't you feel so special for reading this now?! I have several other family events and such to post from this summer-and now that we're in JC I have tons of free time on my hands....so I'll be getting to that this week or next.
If you are in the Johnson City area or know anyone who is, send them my way and you'll get a surprise! :)
Wesley & my aunt Carol enjoy some talking time.
Daddy & cousin Larry

This is my little brother Michael.

This is my little brother Michael & my grandmother-Ma Coley.

Our new roommate-cousin Jenny--we are now living in Jenny's basement.


Little Aiden-I told you there'd be more of him! He LOVED the swing.

The other kiddos enjoy some Cinderella.

Aiden & I on the swing while he was awake. Shortly after this picture was taken he laid his head in my lap, then he was suddenly sitting in my lap, then he was asleep!

Aiden & I on the swing while he was asleep.

Aunt Carol & I

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Girlie I am missing you already!