Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our Niece Maggie

We are currently at the hospital anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first niece, Maggie! I told her last weekend that this week/weekend was the time to arrive-because that is when her personal photographer is available. She listened!.....sort of, she decided to start making her entrance around 8 or 9 this morning, but we still have yet to see her. We are in the waiting room now while Jana rests to get ready for Maggie to arrive. Here are some exciting waiting moments from this afternoon/evening.

Martha, Wesley, Dean & Mark earlier this afternoon.

The boys aren't very excited about 6:23 tonight.......

Mark & Jana

Jana & her daddy, Jack

Mark gets to wear this soon and have Maggie's footprints put on it!


Jana & her mom, Jan, with the doctor who gives the drugs!

Jan & I are trying to encourage Maggie to arrive quickly.

That's all for now.....until Miss Maggie makes her entrance. :)
10:04 pm

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