Monday, July 16, 2007

Dinah Finah Gets Hitched

This is my BEAUTIFUL friend Dinah. She and I first met in the dorm at MTSU. We had classes together and enjoyed many fun times on the 2nd floor. Dinah's nickname is Dinah Finah. At her wedding on Saturday, she walked in to this fantastic old song that started something like "Dinah, no one's Finah" it was GREAT! As soon as I figure out how, I'm going to post that song in here somehow. It was great....She walked in to a song about Dinah. How many brides can say they did that? I was so excited to be able to be a part of Dinah's day by photographing her reception for her. Here are a few before the ceremony and reception shots. I was going to snap a couple really fast during the ceremony to put on here, but I ended up videoing with Dinah's parents' camcorder. Multi-talented, I tell ya...
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Wade!! Enjoy your honeymoon and the rest of your summer!

The ringbearers were former students in Dinah's kindergarten class. She trusted them enough to carry the REAL rings (in their boxes). As you can imagine, they were VERY PROUD of their jobs.

Dinah Finah & Denise Matise.....

How to keep a flower girl quiet AND bribe her to walk down the aisle???.....put Smarties in her purse and hide it on the stage....ingenious, it worked...

Dinah with her sweet niece Caroline, the flower girl

Dinah's mom and Caroline-Caroline calls her "Mo". I think that is just precious!

Playing in the mirror

Right after they walked back down the aisle, the ringbearers had to sign the guestbook.

The cake

The Bride & Groom

Caroline with her Mommy & Daddy

Caroline coloring at the reception--she's either getting or giving coloring tips I think. :)

Dinah & her sister Haley

So this group of Dinah's friends were very entertained by having their picture made while jumping....her friend Daniel was coordinating this and I just snapped a shot too.

The friend Daniel even got the bride & groom to jump in on the action (get it? "jump in!")

This is the friend Daniel with Mr. & Mrs. Wade

Please note the ages of the single ladies.....ALL of the grandmothers are included....

Congratulations, Adam & Dinah!


Caroline said...

I like 'em.

Haley said...

I love the shot of the Smarties! I wish I had taken a picture of the purse in the fern. :)

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

These are lovely Denise and oh girl that smarties trick is awesomeeeee! That is how we keep london quiet in church!!