Thursday, July 12, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Yes, I know. This blog is way overdue! Father's Day weekend we stopped in Cleveland to visit Wesley's family on our way home from Johnson City. Here are some pictures from our Father's Day!Wesley's mom & dad check out his gift....
It's headphones that block sound and have a radio for when he's on the tractor. Wesley's dad can be a little silly! :) (wonder where Wesley gets it from, huh?)

He let Mamaw try them on. She was very excited; can you tell?Father & Sons
Mark, Dean, & Wesley
Jana & I tried about 7 times to take a self portrait-we finally gave up after Mark did the bunny ear trick.Mark, Mamaw, & Wesley
Jana & I with MAGGIE in Jana's belly!!!!
I can't wait til she's here!

We went to Mark & Jana's to see Maggie's nursery. Martha made the bedding and window treatments-she's amazing!

Maggie's first picture.
She's going to be a cowgirl!

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