Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boyd Family

Wesley & I had a great time with the Boyds on Saturday. They are the funniest and most fun family!

Happy Birthday to Miss Kate on Friday!

Sam & Lori are a beautiful couple and such a great example to us!

Funniest part of the whole session-here are the girls, all dolled up, throwing rocks on some poor dead guts. Evie was yelling, "Just throw the rock on it!!!" and Kate was being so careful to throw the rock in just the right place!

These next three are from towards the end of the session, and they crack me up!!
Here's what we were trying for.....
That progressed to this....
And this was us by the end! :) I told Lori her Christmas card should have the pretty one on one side and this on the other!

Okay, now for more seriousness....

Briggs is so handsome! He wasn't in a picture taking mood.....that is, until Lori pulled out our secret weapon "Go, Santa, Go!" song from The Wiggles (I think that was the name of the song...).
Then he was all smiles!
Kate picked these flowers and shells just for me.

Fun girls!!!

Sam & Lori, thanks again for letting me spend time with your beautiful family.
Happy Early Birthday Lori (& Kate!)! I hope you enjoy your slideshow!

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