Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ryder is ONE!

Mr. Ryder is finally ONE year old! I'm not quite sure how that happened, but it has!

I arrived at Cody & Kristy's house just in time to see Ryder as he woke up Saturday morning.

I LOVE the bedhead!

Cuddles with Momma.

He wasn't really ALL of the way awake yet. :)

We did some trick pony rides.

Hugged Daddy (but just for a second)

And ate some breakfast.

Aprilia NEVER gets any lovin' now, so I have to give her some blog love. ;)
After Ryder had breakfast and was dressed, we headed outside for some fun.

This is one of my favorites!
Cody's parents got Ryder this tricycle for his birthday and he LOVES it!

We walked (Ryder rode!) to Kristy's parents' house to play on the swingset.

Another one of my favorites.

Ryder is now a BIG cousin. Mr. Carter was born the day after Ryder's 1st birthday.
Joe & Jonie brought Camden & Carter over to play.
I love how serious the boys look in this one.
I am afraid they will get into a LOT of trouble together over the next few years. :)

Cody & Kristy-We love you guys so much! I hope you enjoy Ryder's slideshow.

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Denise Skelton said...

Thanks for the slideshow and wonderful narrative about our extra fun day. I love the pictures. I thought they were great, as always, but this time they were great and funny. I cracked up at how Aprilia would randomly appear in the pictures. The one of her flying off the slide was so hilarious, and then where she's peeking between legs is funny, and I think everyone should know she wasn't attacking Ryder as he came off the slide. Thanks for taking pictures. I look at them and think, "Wow, I have a pretty baby!". Love the self pic of you and Ryder. And of course, only the bestest of friends would give love to Aprilia too. Love you!!!