Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin, Maggie Skelton!

For Dean's birthday/Denise really wanted to take Maggie to the pumpkin patch, the Skeltons all loaded up and drove to Riceville to the Guthrie Farms Pumpkin Patch.
Martha asked me the day before, "Why do you want to go to the pumpkin patch?" to which I replied, "Have you never BEEN to a pumpkin patch!?!?!"
Pumpkin patches are my all time favorite fall tradition! I get excited every year when fall rolls around just thinking about it!

We started off in the petting barn. Mind you, Maggie is going to be a farm girl, so cows are nothing new to her. She was so excited to see all of the animals-she saw the calves and yelled "HEY, COWS!" and waved. Priceless.

We continued around to the other animals including pigs, goats, a horse (to whom Maggie screamed "HEY, COW!"), a donkey (to whom Maggie said, "neigh, neigh"), a miniature horse, bunnies, baby ducks, and chicks.
She loved feeling of the bunnies.

We tried my first corn maze. It was interesting. If it had been darker I would have been scared. Here's a Skelton Family photo in the corn maze minus myself.

There were friendly signs that reminded us not to pick the corn, but this corn cob was on the ground. :)

After the corn maze, the guys (& Maggie) walked across the road to look at the bulls. Maggie threw some hay over the fence and said "EAT IT!" to the bulls.

I love this shot of Maggie & her Nana on the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin time! Maggie saw the pumpkins and said something about tomatoes. Then she got to the pumpkin and said, "Aaa-ple!"

The girls!

Maggie loved celebrating Papa's birthday at the pumpkin patch!
We (Jana, Maggie, & I) decided this should be an annual Skelton family tradition!
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Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

I wish my brother in law Chris could have married you before Wesley. Then, I could have a photographer in the family to capture all of my special memories. I would have a great sister in law too! Oh well! Guess I'll have to wait until Nov!

Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

Wesley, I hope you weren't offended by my earlier post. I'm jealous of Maggie's Mommy! I want a photographer for a sister in law. I guess I'll have to talk to Jennifer about changing careers.

Denise Skelton said...

I seriously doubt he even saw it. Besides, maybe it'll make him appreciate me more!
Send Mrs. Jennifer my way and maybe I'll train her.....I don't know though, I don't want to stop taking pictures of your family!!! :)