Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Grandkids

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit with some of my cousins. Donna wanted to have some portraits made to use for her Christmas cards this year. Thankfully, it was much, much warmer than last year. It was good to get to see them all again and see how much these kiddos have grown!

Miss Elizabeth made her photo debut at our session! She is two months old. What a cutie!

Little Aiden is the most photogenic kid I have ever met!
This little series was just too cute not to share.

Aiden's mom and dad wanted some family portraits made too.
I LOVE this one.

Then it was time for all four grandkids together.
They did such an amazing job. It's an awful lot to ask for 4 kids this small to smile at the camera, but they did it!

Boys will be boys.
I LOVE it!

Sam has changed the most since our session last year. He is so big and has the prettiest eyes!

Lily is such a beautiful girl.

Donna, thanks so much for letting me come spend time with you all!
Enjoy your slideshow and your gallery of images.

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