Friday, July 3, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes-Part 5-Details, Details!

There were so many amazing details at Ben and Kate's wedding, that I wanted to spotlight them here on the blog. So much time and thought was put into each one, and they need to be showcased!

Ben and Kate had something special on just about every table in the tent.
I loved that they incorporated their favorite Bible verses.

These cupcakes were amazing!! I had one right before we left-my birthday cake! Ha!

The tuxedo strawberries smelled SOOOO good! We were informed that there were only 12 and they would know if one went missing!

Yes, I know this tree wasn't planted just for the wedding, but it was an amazing detail! I LOVE this image Brittany captured of it. I heard Ben or someone from his family say several different times that this tree was around when George Washington was.

Guests had the opportunity to write Ben and Kate a note as they entered.

Mmmmm, sweet tea!

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