Thursday, December 6, 2007

McMurray Family

Before I get started, let me just warn you that this may be THE longest blog post ever!

Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee were so great to work with-we had such a great time and got an incredible number of wonderful images.
So, here I go......

When I arrived at Chad and Tina's, the family was dressed in their UT orange for some outside family shots. We headed outside and had some fun as a family, then in the piles of leaves, and as Chad and Carson tossed the football around. It was so evident how much Carson and Caylee are loved.

Then, we headed inside for the family to change into Christmas outfits. Carson read Hello Smokey! to me while Chad and Tina got changed and got Miss Caylee's dress on her.
Carson is adorable! I asked him who the book was about and he said, "Smokey, Tennessee dog."

Right as we headed inside, Grandma and Cousin Emma arrived.
We got some great shots of these little cousins!

Tina was cracking me up during this session. She kept saying, "This is SO much better than going to Sears. This is SO much better than going to Penney's."
That's why I LOVE doing this. I love being able to go into family's homes and being able to capture exactly who they are and what they are all about in this stage of their lives. And all without rushing through because there's a line of 30 people waiting.

Aren't these sweet?!
After taking the traditional in front of the tree shots, we headed to the fireplace and Miss Emma tried out her new skirt!

As you can tell from the first pictures, this family is a UT family!
I must insert this great piece of information here:
Our session was scheduled a month or more ago, before anyone knew that Tennessee would be playing in the SEC Championship right at the same time as our session.
The game was going on the tv, so we heard most of it and watched bits and pieces in between shots. I told Tina that she is very lucky to have a husband who would be so cooperative and great during a photo shoot with such a big game going on!
Tina had another set of outfits for the kids for their family Christmas picture, so Chad got Carson all suited up while they watched the game.
Right after I took this, I heard Carson, "Who Tennessee playin' Daddy?"

Tina wanted some pictures taken in front of my black backdrop.
I think these turned out so well.
Poor Caylee fell asleep, but we kept on going.

This is my favorite from the session!
And then Miss Caylee woke up!
Carson and Dad checked the score while Tina and I got some pictures of Caylee.Chad and Tina, thank you SO much for inviting me into your home (and still letting me come with UT playing!). It was a pleasure to capture these special moments with your family.

And so, as I type this, I am remembering several more pictures that I wanted to include, but I'll let you watch them on the slideshows.
Yes, I said slideshowS!
When I asked Tina what song they wanted, she and Chad chose "Centerfield" because they thought it would go so well with Carson's football pictures. (I must tell you that when she told me she said, "We're not going to do Rocky Top....."-with just a bit of disappointment in her eyes)
Then, as I continued editing, I decided there were too many good ones and that the wonderful "put me in coach" lyrics just wouldn't go with the Christmas pictures, so I made two slideshows.
Tina has been amazing to work with, and as I stated in their previous post, she has spread word of Skelton Photography far and wide, so it's just my thank you to her.
Click HERE for the McMurray Family Part 1.
Click HERE for the McMurray Family Christmas.


Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

I cried when I saw the slideshowS. You are amazing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You made my Christmas.

thebicefamily said...

Your work is incredible! The pictures are a million times better than Sears or JCP!! I'll be calling you!!!

Beth Hampton said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!! You are such a beautiful family (even dressed in all orange!). Thanks for sharing them. It's nice to see the family even if it is through pictures. Carson is getting so big and Caylee is precious. Take care!