Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top Secret

These pictures have been TOP SECRET until Christmas Day! Jana and I took these of Maggie on Thanksgiving weekend and liked them so much she asked me to not show the grandparents. Maggie gave several of these in frames out as her Christmas gifts this year. I am so glad that I can share these now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

First, we re-did the white dress and antique fainting couch. We were hoping to get a few more happier ones while the dress still fit.
Last time, Maggie was a little fussy and this time Maggie was perfectly content. She never really smiled a lot in these, but I think she looks like a peaceful little angel baby.

Then, we took these of Maggie in the overalls that her Papa (Wesley's daddy) wore when he was a baby. How adorable is she?!

We had to have a "do rag" just for kicks!

Fun times with Momma and Daddy!

I know I'm a tad bit partial, but Miss Maggie is the cutest baby in the entire world! We have had so much fun with her this Christmas--and we are still in Cleveland and I have gotten to spend two days straight with this girl!

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