Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Session

This image was from the Lucich Family's Christmas Session last year.
Now, check out this family a year later.

Dave & Christy (& Mikey) are good friends of ours in Murfreesboro. We had a great time during our session last Thursday despite the migraine I had and a little boy who didn't take a good nap that day. Mikey was so good during the session and had so much fun!
I love the Polar Express pictures and think this should be a family tradition each year.

During this set, I was holding my camera with one hand and Mikey's play cell phone with the other. The little cell phone talked and said things like, "Hello! What are you doing?" When it said, "Are you having fun?", Mikey said "yeah!" It was precious!

We had to break out the great wooden train. After this, Mikey tried pushing it on the carpet then finally picked it up and ran to the kitchen and pushed it on there. I'm sure he thought we were nuts for having him play with a rolling toy on carpet.

Dave & Christy are very musical-Dave's the band director at Cascade High School. Mikey loves to play the piano--it's so funny because he never banged on it like most kids would. He tapped each key with one finger. When he got down, he went to the end he couldn't reach from the bench and tapped one key and looked at us like that was his ending!

I know boys aren't supposed to be pretty, but isn't he SO pretty?!

Mikey likes to walk around while wearing one of Dave's shoes.

We ended our session with a rousing game of "Throw the ball down the stairs to 'Nese' and laugh when she can't throw it back to you very well."

Dave, Christy, and Mikey, thanks for being such great friends! We love and miss you guys!
Enjoy your slideshow!

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