Sunday, February 17, 2008

Emma and Elijah's Jam Session

On a nice, warm 60 degree day in February (gotta love Tennessee weather-it snowed the next day!), I did a little "mini" session with Emma and Elijah and their instruments. I use the term "mini" session loosely because we were having so much fun it lasted about as long as a regular session, but oh well.
Emma plays the violin and Elijah got a mandolin for Christmas. They both take lessons each week, and Jodi wanted some pictures of them with their instruments.
I must tell you that Elijah was very distraught that Jodi did not let him bring his book so he could play a song for me. Elijah told me several times that he could play "Amazing Race" (that'd be Amazing Grace) if he had his book. Emma was kind enough to play the first half of Rocky Top about 39,000 times. Good thing I am a Tennessee girl and never grow tired of hearing Rocky Top!
We had a great time playing around and capturing some musical memories for this family. Jodi even brought their little neighbor friend (who was great at getting these two to smile!) and their dog along.

Jodi was really wanting some close ups of their profiles with their instruments, so we started with that.

This is my favorite one of the day.

These kids are so much fun!

There was constant music while we were shooting. When we were doing this set in the gazebo, the geese all stopped and stared at the kids.

I LOVE the color of this barn door with Emma.

Elijah's concentration cracks me up. To get this one, I asked him to play his scale for me again. He said, "But I've already played that!" He wanted to play a song so badly!

And the kiddos with Wrigley the dog. Jodi said her name is Wrigley-like the field where the Chicago Cubs play-Go Cubs!
I am not a baseball fan, but this family sure is!

Emma and Elijah, thanks for jamming with me!
I hope you enjoy your slideshow.
(Troy and Jodi picked a great song for this slideshow. Very good and bluegrassy and Elijah's middle name is Fox and he loves foxes. He talks about them everyday at school!)
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Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

Too cute! Love the one with the dog!