Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Emma & Elijah

What fun we had on Halloween afternoon at Allendale Mansion in Kingsport.
Elijah is in my first grade class, his mom, Jodi, is a teacher at our school, and Miss Emma is in 2nd grade. Jodi mentioned about a month ago that she wanted fall pictures for their Christmas cards, so last Wednesday we made it happen. This family has recently moved to Kingsport from Florida and are in the same boat as we are--having a house for sale far away and living somewhere that isn't your own! I have related with Elijah several times as we needed something for school that is in storage (like his favorite book or my cow slippers for a funny dress up day) and getting used to a new school in general. :) He's such a sweet boy.
(Jodi is an amazing card designer--she is going to be making some of our Christmas cards for Skelton Photography. I have some samples of her work that I will be photographing tonight to post on the website and blog-so stay tuned for more information!)
Emma & Elijah are so funny! I think this session is the best one I have done as far as really capturing the essence of the subjectsither that or I just feel that way more because I know them and know that they are fun and silly and goofy-just like these pictures show.
Here's their sneak peek-a few of my favorites-and their slideshow link at the bottom.

Elijah & Emma saw this pile of leaves and DOVE into it-I almost didn't catch it, they were so fast!

Emma was all about having her picture made!

This must be Eli's model pose--it made me laugh so hard, I had to post it!

This picture below pretty much describes the whole afternoon--lots of laughing and funny looks!

This is what happens when you ask if Emma has a boyfriend...

I told Jodi she should use this one for their card and say,
"Emma and Eli love all of the room in our new house!"

My first semi-productive shot at sunflare.....

Thanks for all of the fun, friends! I hope you enjoy your slideshow.

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