Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Miss Maggie is 6 Months Old!

I cannot believe this baby is already six months old. We had so much fun doing her session at her Nana and Papa's house. We were able to get some more pictures in the beautiful white dress. I didn't realize when Martha made it that she would be able to wear it this long, but I am SO thankful! We have been able to get such beautiful images of Maggie in this dress that I know Maggie (and the rest of her family) will cherish for many years.

We had several outfit changes. Jana said that several outfits Maggie would only be able to wear if she had her picture made in them, so of course we took care of that!

First, we did some with the beautiful white gown that Maggie's Nana made her.
We also had to get her little New Testament that our friends Richard, JeannaLynn, Brad, and Brittney gave Maggie. She was very interested in chewing on it, but we were able to get some sweet shots too.
LOVE those chubby cheeks!This smile is quite a bit bigger than we got during her first session.

This is definitely my second favorite of the day.
It is currently the desktop picture on my laptop.
I love her little feet sticking out!

Next, we changed Maggie into her Valentine's outfit and got some pictures in her crib at Nana's. Martha keeps Maggie Tuesday-Friday and has the cutest bedding for Maggie's crib there. I thought Maggie needed some pictures in this crib for her scrapbook.

Then, we changed her into this super cute, but pretty itchy sweater for about 10 minutes. Uncle Wesley came in to get smiles for these. How do you like those two bottom teeth?!

We headed upstairs to play on the couch for a bit.
Maggie can sit up so well now and loves chewing on just about anything. I think I have more pictures of her with her hand in her mouth this session than any other before.

Finally, we went back down to the pretty antique red couch to get some "almost naked" baby pictures. Maggie loves to be in her birthday suit, but we had to keep it appropriate for sharing!

And she LOVES to play with her feet!

Can you tell how much I LOVE this sweet girl?!
Look at that face! How could you not love her?

Happy six months, Sweet Maggie. I hope you know how much I love you!
Enjoy Maggie's slideshow HERE.
See all of her images by clicking HERE.


Mark & Jana said...

I love them! I love them! I love them! I cried watching the slide show...the song was perfect. Thank you so much for taking such amazing pics of my little girl! You are a very talented photographer, & we are lucky to have you!! Love, Jana

dagwud said...

What a precious way to end our day - Thank you so much for sharing - she is adorable!! We can't wait to meet her and see her family!! Blessings & Love, Richard, JeannaLynn, Brad, & Brittney